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eating disorder treatment cincinnati

Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment for Eating Disorders…What People Are Really Saying About Their Treatment

photo used under a creative commons license According to recent result’s of Dr. Norton’s online survey, in which more than 125 people have participated, Out-Patient Psychotherapy was found to be the most therapeutic of the following treatment options: Hospitalization for medical stability, Forced weight gain via feeding tube, In-Patient residential, In-Patient therapy group, Out-Patient psychotherapy, Out-Patient therapy group, Over Eaters Anonymous, Nutritional Counseling and Gastric Bypass Surgery. Participants in Dr. Norton’s Survey rated their forms of treatment as follows: Out-Patient Psychotherapy *39.7% found Out-Patient Psychotherapy to be Very Therapeutic and *36.2% found it to be Somewhat Therapeutic *3.4% felt that this therapy did more harm than good In-Patient Residential *20.9% found In-Patient residential treatment to be Very Therapeutic and *33.9% ...
benefits of household chores


3 Good Reasons to Assign Household Chores for Children: 1.  It can help create healthy habits. On average children age 8 – 18 spend 3 hours a day either watching t.v., playing video games or on the computer.  The responsibility of a household chore would get them away from the t.v. and up and moving.  Vacuuming, mopping, mowing the lawn and gardening are all good ways to increase your heart rate.  Children need at least 90 minutes of moderate to strenuous physical activity a day, chores are a great way to get your child moving. 2.  It can help reduce stress and family tension. A messy, cluttered house can cause a lot of tension and resentment within a family.  Often ...
grocery shopping eating disorder anxiety

Grocery Shopping – Simple Task or Time Consuming Nightmare?

I don’t know of many people who actually enjoy the mundane task of going grocery shopping but for those who suffer from an eating disorder it can be an absolute nightmare. For them going to the grocery can be time consuming, mentally exhausting and costly.  Check the results we collected from Dr. Norton’s Online Survey concerning grocery shopping. 75.2%  debate whether or not to purchase each particular item 44.4% find themselves fantasizing about binging on certain foods while grocery shopping 30.1% spend more than they can afford on food These statistics, which are from a sample of over 125 respondents, are good examples of why Dr. Norton provides the service of shopping coach. Medical Advice Disclaimer: The information included on ...
Bulimarexia Treatment Cincinnati


BULIMAREXIA – An eating disorder that has the characteristics of both Anorexia and Bulimia.  The person affected by this disorder will cycle between the restricting habits that are associated with Anorexia and the bingeing and purging characteristics of Bulimia.  This eating disorder is very dangerous and is physically and emotionally damaging. After reviewing the data from Dr. Norton’s online survey we found that Bulimarexia had the largest population of those who took the survey. 38% identified themselves as having Bulimarexia 25% identified themselves as having Anorexia 12.5% identified themselves as having Bulimia 10.8% identified themselves as Emotional Eaters 13.3% identified themselves as Obese Why Bulimarexia Is So Dangerous 1.  The fact that it is not a recognized diagnosis yet so ...
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