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Whole Foods

What Whole Foods Market Is Doing To Help Us Reduce Our Exposure to Obesogens – Part II

As discussed yesterday in the first installment of  “What Whole Foods Market Is Doing To Help Us Reduce Our Exposure to Obesogens“, Whole Foods Market  is taking steps to make us more aware of products containing obesogens. Yesterday, we discussed their use of obesogen-free take-out containers, and changes that are being made in their “Cleaning Supply Aisle”. What else is Whole Foods Market doing? Whole Foods Market is also helping us make more informed choices when it comes to personal care products. They clearly label products that they have rated “premium” or “organic” body products. All of these products had to meet a strict set of criteria, set by Whole Foods Market. They have banned the use of over 400 chemicals ...
Whole Foods

What Whole Foods Market Is Doing To Help Us Reduce Our Exposure to Obesogens.

        “Is Your Shampoo Affecting Your Weight Management Goals?” revealed a lot of information about the presence of obesogens in our environment. Since that post, I’ve found some really comforting news! Whole Foods Market is taking steps to make us more aware of products containing obesogens.   This means we will be able to make more informed decisions without having to read every label for every product we purchase, they’ve already done some of the work for us. What are they doing to make us more informed consumers? The take-out containers in their Prepared Foods Area are made of uncoated “molded pulp”. As mentioned in “Is Your Shampoo Affecting Your Weight Management Goals?”, many leaders in the ...
Eating Disorder Research

What You Need to Know In Order to Help Your Obese or ED Patient

photo used under creative commons license Research has clearly established a relationship between neurotoxins such as MSG, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and sweeteners Splenda and NutraSweet and the current epidemic of obesity. I believe that there is also a relationship between these neurotoxins and the proliferation of eating disorders in the US. For example, research has shown that patients suffering from Anorexia as well as those who are obese, suffer from a condition called leptin resistance.1 ,2 Further, this condition appears to be a function of the type and amount of neurotoxin ingested. In my practice, when I have helped those suffering from Anorexia, Bulimia, and Bulimarexia and obesity eliminate such neurotoxins from their re-feeding regimens, recovery time has ...

Is Your Shampoo Affecting Your Weight Management Goals?

photo used under creative commons license When we think of managing our weight, the areas of our lifestyle we look at are usually diet and exercise. Right? What if there was something lurking in your shower that was the culprit for some of these excess pounds? Obesogens; agents that when absorbed, contribute to obesity. Our world is full of them. They lurk in everything from the foods we eat to the receipt for things we purchase. According to Leah Zerbe of Rodale, obesogens are “chemicals and compounds in our environment that disrupt hormones, making it hard to maintain a healthy weight”. Obesogens mimic estrogen, causing the body to send a signal to convert stem cells to fat cells. In addition ...
The Diet Industry Makes Billions of Dollars Every Year

How is the Weight Loss Industry So Successful When Dieting is Not?!

photo used under a creative commons license  Dieting without exercise fails 95 percent of the time, yet the U.S. weight loss industry is a 130 billion dollar per year industry. So a lot of people are using weight loss products. How can a group of products fail so spectacularly but sell so well? Perhaps one reason is the Consumer Trade Commission (CTC) does not regulate the false claims that advertisers of weight loss products make. According to the CTC, there are at least one false claim in 74 percent of the ads in tabloid publications. The report went on to say that many of the ads that were identified as making false claims also appeared in mainstream media publications such ...
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