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I’m very excited to announce that I am going to be offering Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) to my clients. FDN gives patients the opportunity to improve their health by getting to the root cause of their symptoms. Many patients have had success using Functional Diagnostic Nutrition. In one case, for example, a patient was able to loose unwanted middle fat, regulate emotions well enough to discontinue an antidepressant and sleep without sleeping pills. This service, which we are ramping up at present, will be fully available in January 2013! If you aren’t in the Cincinnati area but are interested in improving your health with FDN, contact me by email or phone at 513-205-6543 and I will help you connect with an FDN Practitioner.

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (FDN) is an opt-in model of self-care; i.e. you have the option of learning how to be more pro-active regarding your own health and nutritional needs. Think of FDN Practitioners as health detectives. They help patients find the underlying causes of disease instead of relying on traditional medicine which primarily focuses on symptom relief. By integrating FDN into your current treatment plan, you have the opportunity to find healing opportunities in a natural health restoring process.

Most people interested in integrating FDN into their treatment ask three questions: “Will an FDN Practitioner know what is wrong with me?”, “Can FDN help me?”, and “Has FDN helped other people like me?”.

Will an FDN Practitioner know what is wrong with me? Yes! FDN Practitioners can identify malfunctions occurring within your body that are at the root cause of your health issues. They can identify these malfunctions through the use of functional lab work. This is lab work that uses scientifically documented indexes of normal versus abnormal functioning in organs such as the liver and pancreas as well as in systems such as the endocrine system and digestive system.

Can FDN help me? Your FDN Practitioner will help you identify healing opportunities instead of just treating symptoms. For example, instead of trying to relieve a symptom such as recurring migraines, your FDN Practitioner will work with you to determine the root cause of your migraines and create a protocol that will focus on resolving the root cause. Over time, you will be rebuilding, repairing and restoring normal function within your body by following a holistic program that looks at rest, exercise, diet, supplements and stress reduction. You will come to understand the role that the Pillars of Health; Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification and Intestinal Barrier Systems play in the problems you are having presently.

Has FDN helped other people like me? Yes! Through the use of FDN, over 11,000 people have experienced their best level of health in many years. Many of these people have been able to resolve their health conditions. There are currently over 500 FDN Practitioners in 30 countries that are helping thousands of people!

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients that has incorporated FDN into their treatment plan:

“By integrating FDN into my treatment for Anorexia, I have experienced dramatic results. Before using FDN I was functioning poorly; I was extremely obsessive, anxious, and had great difficulty eating regularly. If anything stressful happened in my life, I instantly resorted back to anorexic behaviors. My energy was drained. I was reliant on caffeine and other over-the-counter medications to get through routine activities. I also had to take psychotropic medications to deal with anxiety and depression. After a few months of following the FDN protocol these symptoms and problems improved dramatically. I no longer obsess over calories and macronutrient ratios, as I have learned how to listen to my body to determine how much I need to eat. I am no longer taking medication for anxiety, which has become more of a rarity; if I do get anxious, the feelings do not last nearly as long and aren’t nearly as intense. My energy level is incredible, I haven’t had to use any caffeine or other stimulants to have enough energy to get through the day. Using FDN is one of the best decisions I have made. I feel better now than I did even before my Eating Disorder. I truly hope your other patients will take the opportunity to incorporate FDN into their recovery!” 

If you are interested in incorporating FDN into your treatment plan, contact me at or discuss it with me at your next session! If you aren’t in the Cincinnati area or are not suffering from obesity or an eating disorder but are interested in improving your health with FDN, contact me and I will help you connect with an FDN Practitioner.

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