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wild caught salmon and roasted root veg

Fastest Dinner in the West

Okay people. You went crazy for this on Facebook, so I’m officially posting my fastest clean eating dinner in the (Mid)west. This is wild caught red Alaskan salmon that I cooked in raw butter. (don’t cook fish in coconut oil because it turns it into fish mush. Coconut oil is wonderful when you want to tenderize something but not so wonderful for fish.) I had it with root vegetables that I get at Costco, frozen. (They offer a fabulous variety of frozen organic vegetables at around six dollars  for a five pound bag. You can’t beat them!) I spiced it all up with my Bourbon smoked paprika blend. Yummy and I really don’t care for salmon that much, but this ...

#MotivationMonday Series – Action

Week Four of my #MotivationMonday series on Change. This week we are talking all about Action. Action is the stage in which people most overtly modify their behavior and surroundings. This is where you walk the talk of the previous stages. Now, the action stage is the most visible stage of change. You modify your behavior and implement the plan of action you prepared. Action requires the greatest commitment of time and energy. Remember, Action is only the fourth stage of Change. There are six. So action has the possibility to be deceiving, in the sense that it sounds like it is the end stage of change. But it isn’t. You’re just over half way there. Disappointed? Don’t be. It ...

#MotivationMonday Stage 3- Preparation

Here we are in the third week of my #MotivationMonday series on Change. If you looked for me last week, but didn’t find me, it’s because I was honoring Labor Day. Everyone deserves a day of rest! Last time we met, we were talking about the contemplation stage of change. You know where you want to be with the change you are seeking, but you aren’t quite ready to go. Preparation is the third stage of change. Most people at this stage are planning to take action within the month, and they are making adjustments before they begin. What does this look like? Let’s go back to my example of a patient who binges at 4 p.m. everyday on candy. ...
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