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Dear Whole Foods- I Never Got The Memo

Let’s play a word association game. Me: Whole Foods? You:__________ Did you say “organic?” I did. Except that’s not really true anymore. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this, but more and more “conventional” food seems to be replacing the organic foods in Whole Foods. Here is a really basic example: I was having my special treat of an organic coffee at the Whole Foods organic coffee bar, when I discovered that neither of these items are organic anymore. What? I did not get the memo! I stopped drinking coffee about a year ago in order to bring my homocystine levels down, and it worked like a charm. But I do love coffee and every once in a ...
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Christmas Week Self Care Strategies

If ever there was a week for self care, I would say the week of Christmas is one of them. Unless you are extremely organized, and have been working towards Christmas all year, chances are you are scrambling to make it to Christmas. Last minute gifts, trying to cram in as many traditions as possible- it can leave a person exhausted.  It’s no surprise people are totally burned out by Christmas Day. I cannot stress how important self care is during the holidays. What does self care look like? Here’s my top ten list of self care strategies! Take a nap.  Yes, you! Lay down and take a nap. Everyone could use extra rest. If you can’t sleep, even just laying down ...
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In Case You Missed It! My Interview with Mark Heyne on 91.7 WVXU Cincinnati

I had such a great time on Monday with Mark Heyne of Cincinnati Edition talking about Eating Disorders and the holidays. In case you wanted to tune in, but missed it, here is the show. Thanks, Mark! I’m glad we got to talk about why the holidays are especially hard on eating disorder patients and my treatment protocol. Remember to rest during these next few days. It can be a really overwhelming time, so take good care of yourself! -Dr. Norton #GetSunEatCleanBeWell

Dr. Norton’s Favorite Organic Beauty Products

Autoimmune disease is the 8th leading cause of death among women and most people cannot name one autoimmune disease. Why is this happening? One of the reasons is that makeup and personal care products contain endocrine disruptors that interfere with our immune response. What are endocrine disruptors?  An endocrine disruptor is a synthetic chemical that when absorbed into the body either mimics or blocks hormones and disrupts the body’s normal functions. This disruption can happen through altering normal hormone levels, halting or stimulating the production of hormones, or changing the way hormones travel through the body, thus affecting the functions that these hormones control. Chemicals that are known human endocrine disruptors include diethylstilbesterol (the drug DES), dioxin, PCBs, DDT, and some other pesticides. ...
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Dr. Norton’s All Purpose Meat Marinade

Today I am sharing with you guys my all purpose meat marinade. It is so good! Remember when I told you that I have a food saver and that I use it all the time? Well here is my tip/trick: Before you freeze your cuts of meat in individual food saver bags, add this marinade! That way they marinate while they are defrosting and I swear it tastes so good! -Dr. Norton #GetSunEatCleanBeWell
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Give the Gift of Health This Holiday!

Here we are in the midst of the holiday season. Inevitably we all have to buy gifts for people that are difficult to shop for. They either have everything, or they are uncommunicative about what they would like. Let me challenge you to give this person the gift of health this holiday. I have rounded up a few, select items that I think are fabulous gifts. After all, nothing says “I love you,” more than a gift that is meant to extend the time that you have with a person on this earth. It’s like saying, “I love having you in my life so much, I want to make your life even longer.”   VitaMix Blender I know you are never ...
The Blame Game

The Food is at Fault!

We tend to blame the victims of disordered eating, no matter what form it takes. Binge Eating Disorder, Bulimia, Emotional Eating and Obesity are all assumed to be the result of poor choices and/or emotional disturbances that lead to over eating. Anorexia is often perceived as a choice the patient makes to achieve cosmetic improvements. The eating problems plaguing Americans are the direct result of the deficiencies and toxins in the food supply and are not the result of implusive choices or vanity. The Big Pharma complex, industrial farming, and the food and beverage industries, (I call them Big Pharma, Big Farming and Big Food or the 3 Big Pigs) have worked hard to convince us that our foods, beverages ...

Mark Your Calendars!

Hey guys, I’ve got great news! If you missed the chance to ask me a question about the holidays and eating disorders, you have another chance to ask me! Mark your calendars for Monday December 14th at 1:30 p.m. I’ll be joining Cincinnati Edition host Mark Heyne to talk about eating disorders during the holidays. We will have time to take questions. You can tune in online!  
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