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How to Dine Out and Eat Clean

How to Dine Out and Eat Clean

Not a day goes by that a patient doesn’t ask me, “What about going out to eat? How can I eat clean when I am in a restaurant?” My answer is always the same. It is not easy and you have to do your homework. You may also have to go with your own food or beverage. Yup, that is what I do. I take my own Ginger Ale. This is not ideal, but it is better than drinking their tap water or wishing I had a vodka tonic. (Q Ginger Ale is made with organic agave and has only 15 grams of sugar per bottle and lots of real ginger.) I have also been known to take my own ...
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Errors of Thinking- #6 Comparative Thinking

A good friend of mine won’t look at Facebook. When I ask her why, her response is “Compare and despair.” Well, isn’t that the truth! Comparing yourself negatively to others is not only harmful to your self esteem, it is harmful to your spirit. It makes you feel hopeless.  Context is important when observing our thinking. The playing field is rarely level, which is why it is so crucial to stop yourself from negative comparing. Even if Susan lost 55 pounds last year and Ted lost 50 pounds, maybe they both weighed more to begin with? Maybe they each had more weight to lose? The most important question is, why does it matter? It doesn’t. What matters is the amazing fact that this ...

Errors of Thinking- #5 Global Labeling

Really? Every day? 365 days a year? I’m pretty sure a lot of things worked out for you today.  What happened? What happened is Global Labeling. Global Labeling is an error of thinking characterized by generalizing one or two negative qualities and applying them without any consideration to context.  When something bad happens once, a person who has this error of thinking will ignore all evidence to the contrary and have a very one dimensional view of themselves or others. There’s no complexity to their thoughts. In fact, they are having judgements. Expect language to be very colorful and emotionally loaded.  This error of thinking is the ultimate kind of generalization. Instead of providing context for an error, a person will attach unhealthy labels ...
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Errors of Thinking- #4 Catastrophizing

Stop right there. Is that really true? We all have job pressures, but if it is something small, you should know that you are catastrophizing. It is also sometimes referred to as magnifying. We all can remember a time that we have thought this way. Thanksgiving is ruined because someone brought the wrong brand of cranberry sauce. The wedding is ruined because the wrong color napkins were ordered. But this kind of thinking should happen rarely, if at all. But what if it is happening all the time? A really good clue that you may be catastrophizing is if you find yourself using the words “what if” in conjunction with an expectation that disaster will strike, no matter what. If a friend challenges ...
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Errors of Thinking- #3 Overgeneralization

“Since I overate at the last party I went to, I know I will overeat at every party I go to.” Huh. Really? Just because one event happened, does not necessarily mean that you will repeat the behavior.  In fact, your ability to recognize the error in your behavior is actually a really good sign that you will be able to prepare and have a strategy to prevent the behavior from repeating. When you overgeneralize you see a single event as a never ending pattern of defeat. It’s… well, discouraging and depressing. So how can you beat this error of thinking? Next time you catch yourself overgeneralizing, stop and remind yourself, “Just because I overate at this party, does not ...
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Errors of Thinking- #2 Perfectionsim

Here is a major error of thinking- Perfectionism. Here’s why perfectionism is so dangerous: it is focused on avoiding failure, so we are actively tracking our failure as opposed to actively seeking our success.  It’s a very different thing to say, “I like to exercise every day.”  In the thought above, the person has already decided that if they don’t exercise seven days a week for at least one hour, they’ve failed. There’s no room for success in the thought above. It is negatively oriented. There is a lot of room for anxiety and depression. Perfectionism is often accompanied by depression and anxiety. Doesn’t the statement above make you anxious just reading it? The next time you feel your thought ending in an unrealistic, conditional ...

15 Errors of Thinking Series- #1 All or Nothing Thinking

I thought I’d start a series on the 15 Errors of Thinking, AKA Dealing More Realistically with Mistakes. This is actually a favorite topic of mine, because whenever I find myself stuck, I find I’m having an error in my thinking. We’re going to tackle them one at time so that we can really contemplate why this kind of thinking is an error and how we can help ourselves by identifying this error and correcting it. Today we are looking at a personal favorite of mine:   Oh man. Have you ever thought this way? Might as well just give up and forget it. The whole week is ruined. All that progress made, and it’s over, right? Wrong. After a week ...
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