Areas of Expertise

Treatment of Eating Disorders and Other Family Related Issues

Dr. Norton has worked with hundreds of individuals struggling with eating disorders, body image and self esteem issues for the past thirty years using family systems theory as the primary mode of intervention. She has a special interest in high school and college students with mild, moderate and severe eating disorders. In addition to eating issues, her training as a family therapist has enabled her to treat the full range of family related disorders including Learning Disabilities, Attention Deficit Disorder, relationship issues, sexual concerns and elder-care issues.

Workforce Diversity, Harassment Prevention and Affirmative Action Planning

Early in her career, Dr. Norton Co-authored the book The Change Equation: Capitalizing on Diversity for Effective Organizational Change published by the American Psychological Association. It has been widely used by universities, non-profits and fortune 500 companies wishing to create a globally diverse workforce.

Organizational Cultural Assessment and Change Initiatives: As a student of systems theory, Dr. Norton studied organizational systems as well as family systems. As a result, she worked for many years as a specialist in organizational culture and its effects on change initiatives of all types. This allowed her to develope a comprehensive cultural assessment tool that identifies underlying assumptions driving the behaviors of members of organizations, the subcultures that exist within the organization and potential sources of resistance that may impede change. Her understanding of the complexities of the workplace give her a distinct advantage when working with professional women who are dealing with workplace pressures.

Executive Coaching

Experienced in high performance coaching to improve relationships between direct reports and managers, Dr. Norton cut her teeth as a coach at such Fortune 500 organizations as Proctor & Gamble, FedEx , General Electric Corporation, National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, Mobil Oil, etc.

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