Intellectual Properties

Meridian Model© A hierarchical system for identifying barriers to change initiatives of all types.

Co-authored the book, “The Change Equation: Capitalizing on Diversity for Effective Organizational Change.”

Author of the book “One Size Fits All” to be released in 2008.

Author of the book “Maji and Mongo” a children’s book targeted at healthy lifestyle, release date 2008.

Developed a new approach for workforce diversity called Organizational Plurality.

Designed and developed Inclusion & Diversity, Harassment Prevention, Cross-cultural Competency and Individuals With Disabilities Training modules for General Electric that received several Best Practices Awards and that are benchmarked by many fortune 500 organizations as standards in the industry in diversity training.

Designed and developed The Inclusion and Diversity Management System, which won a best practices award at Mobil Oil.

Designed and developed WOW US! a web based training program that leverages distance learning, technology and behavioral psychology to create training programs that assure that training delivers measurable results.

Developed a tool that has been used by many fortune 50 companies for bringing about bottom-line changes called The Critical Functions Problem Identification Guide.

Developed the Continuum of Harassing Behavior for use in organizational settings to identify the most effective interventions depending upon the motives of the individual exhibiting the harassing behavior (validation studies currently in the planning stages)

Producing a series of training Videos utilizing the Harassment Prevention Behavioral Continuum, which demonstrate the most appropriate intervention strategies for the various types of harassment found in organizations today.

Developed the Continuum of Participative Management, used by leaders in a variety of settings to create alignment and increase involvement and participation

Invented HabiTrac™ an electronic tracking device to bring about behavioral change. Other inventions include Infomate I & II, Smart Cap, and Audio Tag, all of which are wireless biomedical devices currently patent pending and in various stages of development.

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