Professional Profile

Clinical psychologist in private practice with a specialty in the treatment of eating disorders including Bulimia, Anorexia and Emotional Eating. As a published author in the consulting field, Dr. Norton is currently completing two new books in the eating disorders field. One is targeted to lifestyle issues in children and the other is targeted to therapists as well as the lay public with an interest in alternatives to in-patient treatment for eating disorders.

Other accomplishments include co-author of the book “The Change Equation: Capitalizing on Diversity for Effective Organizational Change “; Inventor of several devices that leverage technology and applied behavioral psychology with applications for emergency medical treatment, industrial behavioral safety, weight management, and medical treatment compliance, including electronic devices HabiTrac™ , Infomate I & II, Smart Cap and Audio Tag. Developer of a corporate wellness program called InCentiFit that utilizes bioimpedance technology and behavioral interventions to improve fitness and reduce corporate medical costs.

Work experiences include sole practitioner in family based private practice targeting eating disorders and lifestyle issues: Senior consultant to leaders of numerous fortune 50 and several fortune 10 companies with a primary focus on systemic change initiatives.

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