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It’s Pi Day (3.14)! Clean Pizza Tutorial!

It’s Pi Day (3.14) and right now the internet is blowing up with photos of pies and pie recipes. Most people who know me, know that I am not a baker. I make pies once a year.  Therefore, I will not be discussing sweet pies today. However, I am all about discussing PIZZA PIE! (You’re shocked, aren’t you?) Here’s the question I am asked every week by new patients: “Dr. Norton, does eating clean mean giving up pizza?” (Wait for it..) No! You can still have your pizza!  (We are going to have to modify it slightly, and I promise you it will taste a thousand times better than any pizza you’ve had before!) One thing that I work really hard ...
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A Lack of Information is Fattening

“I am lazy, stupid and fat!”  A cruel statement, right? But this is what my patient who is recovering from Bulimarexia hears in her head every day, all day long. The reality is that she is a hard worker, very smart and a normal weight after years of struggling with an eating disorder. But her fear of suddenly or somehow becoming “fat” is so intense that it may take another couple of years for this voice in her head to go away, and it may never go away completely. Sound crazy? It isn’t unusual for people to think this way.  We are afraid of being obese as a culture. The sight of an obese person strikes fear in the hearts of ...

#MotivationMonday Stage 3- Preparation

Here we are in the third week of my #MotivationMonday series on Change. If you looked for me last week, but didn’t find me, it’s because I was honoring Labor Day. Everyone deserves a day of rest! Last time we met, we were talking about the contemplation stage of change. You know where you want to be with the change you are seeking, but you aren’t quite ready to go. Preparation is the third stage of change. Most people at this stage are planning to take action within the month, and they are making adjustments before they begin. What does this look like? Let’s go back to my example of a patient who binges at 4 p.m. everyday on candy. ...
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Change- A Seven Week #MotivationMonday series

This week I’m starting a seven week #MotivationMonday series on Change. If you’ve ever tried to change a behavior, then you will understand just how difficult change can be. But I’d also guess that you would say that change was the best thing you ever did for yourself. Change can be the ultimate act of self love. There are six stages in the process of change. Does that surprise you? My patients find it reassuring to discover that change does not happen overnight. I don’t expect them to wake up the following day and be onboard with everything I ask of them. Often, my first contact with a patient is when they have really hit rock bottom. But that’s when the seeds of ...
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Eating Disorders Among Female Baby Boomers May be a Function of Food Pollution

Growing old is not easy in any culture, but it is particularly difficult for middle-aged women in the United States. Americans obsess about thinness and worship youthfulness. Joan Rivers’ tragic death  last month was was a good example of the extremes to which women in American society will go in order to maintain these unrealistic ideals. Ms. Rivers is not alone. Remaining young and fit is getting harder all the time because of the food we eat. U.S. food is polluted with ingredients that attack the immune system, accelerate the aging process and drive obesity. Aging is scary enough without a rapid decline in one’s health and an ever-expanding waistline. And that is exactly what Baby Boomers are experiencing today. ...
Body Dysmorphic Disorder treatment

Body Dysmorphia and Anorexia

Systems theory tells us that in order to solve a problem we have to use the right set of assumptions. Further, it tells us that if we use the wrong assumptions, the problem will continue to get worse. Suffice it to say, the underlying assumptions of those suffering with eating disorders are incorrect. One good example is the role that body dysmorphia plays in driving disordered eating – Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) is not the same thing. I should point out that not all individuals that suffer from Anorexia suffer from body dysmorphia, but many do. The underlying assumptions of those Anorexics suffering from body dysmorphia include: Imagined defects in appearance. “My thighs are fat.” Or  “My belly sticks out ...
Reducing Holiday Stress Eating Disorders

Eating Disorder Treatment: Tips to Reduce Stress During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a particularly stressful time for many of my patients that are in treatment for obesity and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, or binge eating disorder. Holiday gatherings are typically highly food-centered, which results in a lot of anxiety for those recovering from an eating disorder. I’ve created a list of useful tips on reducing holiday stress. I know this will help a lot of my patients! Eat regularly throughout the day. Don’t skip meals in anticipation of a large dinner. Be prepared. Try to find out what is being served ahead of time and work some of the foods you feel comfortable with into the meal. Bring one of your favorite dishes to share ...

The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity – Eating Disorder Treatment Testimony

There is nothing more rewarding than to travel with a patient down the road to recovery from an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder, or bulimarexia. The road to recovery can be a bumpy road, but the results are well worth the hard work. Today we received a heart-warming testimony from one individual that received outpatient treatment at my treatment center in Cincinnati. Check this out…. “If you had told me how much my life would change over the past year and a half, I would not have believed you. A year and a half ago I was trapped; wedged between the controlling anorexic voice and a longing to be myself. I was falling, drowning, diminishing into ...

Clean Eating in Treatment for Obesity

The average American is clueless when it comes to eating healthy foods, even those of us who would be considered healthy eaters.  What most people do not know is that the majority of the American diet is loaded with addictants that drive obesity and its life threatening complications. The lack of information, along with the misinformation put out by the industry giants that profit from the sale of polluted foods and diet products have created a health care crisis in this country that is unprecedented in the world. The U.S. is the second most obese country in the world (Mexico just passed us by) with the highest rate of mortality (compared to all other wealthy nations) and the highest health ...
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