Current Patients

“I believe the reason for the rise in the incidence of eating disorders is at
least partially a
result of failed treatment. In other words, the treatment itself in some cases contributes to the emergence
of an even deadlier form of eating disorder.”

Dr. J Renae Norton 2009

>> DBT Training

In this workshop you will learn specific skills for regulating intense emotion, dealing with distressing situations, and improving relationships with the people around you.

>> Newsletter – Food for Thought

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>> Cruise to Lose! Your Symptoms of Bulimia

We’re here to help! Sail away with us and leave your Eating Disorder behind!

Each traveler on the journey to wellness MUST be accompanied by a family member, or significant other, who is 21 years of age or older!

>> Resting Metabolism Rate

If you have not yet had your RMR calculated, read to see the benefits of this analysis for your therapy. Then, we can discuss if it is a right step in your recovery. If we have done this in the past, you may want to review the meaning of your individual results and consider re-analyzing to chart your progress!

>> Submit your favorite recipe (food) for analysis

Contact me with your recipe so that I can test it out and hopefully add it to my site recipe database!

>> Manage Fats, Protein and Carbs for maximum health formula

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