Group therapy is one of the most powerful tools in the therapist’s repertoire when treating an eating disorder. At the Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Related Problems, group therapy allows patients who are at varying stages of recovery to interact, such that the individual just beginning her recovery can be inspired by the individual in remission. Likewise the individual in remission can see how far she has come.webinar-mother-and-teen-daughter

We offer several different groups; a standing support group for Bulimic and Bulimarexics, a Parent’s Support Group, and a Nutrition/Refeeding Informational Group.

We do not recommend group work for the individual suffering from a severe case of Anorexia or someone who is in the early stages of recovery from Anorexia, as such individuals tend to compete to be the “best” Anorexic. Nor do we mix those suffering from severe Anorexia in with those suffering from Bulimia or Bulimarexia. Likewise, group is often contraindicated when the individual is more Anorexic than Bulimic. Group works best for individuals suffering from Anorexia when they are in remission, and/or for those suffering from Bulimia or Bulimarexia.