webinar-wistful-young-woman-with-subtle-smile-healing-againWe are one of the few treatment centers offering an alternative to inpatient treatment for the severely Anorexic, Bulimic and/or Bulimarexic patient. We do this by combining intensive, daily if necessary, individual psychotherapy, group and family therapy where appropriate, with nutrition, shopping, and food preparation coaching.

According to recent research into treatment outcomes, several factors combine to make in-patient treatment even less effective than it was 30 years ago. Those factors reducing effectiveness include: a previous hospitalization, a more chronic disorder, rapid weight gain while in treatment (except for the very small group that actually wants to gain weight) or weight loss and a short inpatient stay. Unfortunately it is common practice for insurance/managed-care providers to pay for three or fewer weeks.

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“In my experience, most individuals with severe Anorexia and/or Bulimia will only be starting to recover at about 6 months and will require up to 18 months to be in remission. Even after that, supportive therapy is often a necessity. At the Norton Center for Eating Disorders, we provide intensive, long term, out-patient treatment for the patient and her family. In this way she learning to manage her fears in the context in which they occur.”