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Sugar Addiction Jill Escher

Eating Disorder Pro Podcast: Overcoming Sugar Addiction with Jill Escher [show notes]

This week we welcomed Jill Escher to the show.¬†Jill is the author of Farewell, Club Perma-Chub: A Sugar Addict’s Guide to Easy Weight Loss and founder of This episode is important to listen to if you or your loved one suffers from obesity, food addiction, or an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, or binge eating disorder. New Health Internet Radio with Eating Disorder Pro on BlogTalkRadio What We Covered: 3:33 – About Jill Escher. 6:17 – Jill Escher’s Sugar Addiction Recovery Story. 12:30 – The Physiological Effects of Sugar 16:35 – Tips for Overcoming Sugar Addiction. 20:15 – Should added sugar be completely removed from a sugar addicts diet? 29:45 – Hormones, Hunger, Weight Gain, Weight Loss. ...
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