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The Sun Life Diet Part I-Cholesterol

This week’s episode is titled “The Sun Life Diet Part I”. We introduce what cholesterol is and all of the different types, as well as debunk some myths that you may have been believing for years! You’ll want to stick with us for the entire series to learn how sunlight directly affects our cholesterol and overall health. Listen HERE. What We Covered: 2:36- Dr. Stephanie Seneff 2:58-Cholesterol 3:09-Myth #1- LDL Cholesterol is Bad 3:52-Myth #2-If I have High Cholesterol, Taking a Statin Drug Will Prolong My Life 4:54-Myth #3-High Cholesterol Causes Heart Attacks 5:10-Myth #4-High Cholesterol Causes Alzheimer’s 5:32-Myth #5-Saturated Fats Cause High Cholesterol 6:09-Pollutants In The Environment & Food 6:34-Definition of Cholesterol 7:50-Cholesterol Is Critical To Every Biological Function 8:08-Brain Cholesterol ...
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In a Nutshell: What You Need to Know About Cholesterol Problems

When we think of cholesterol, we often think of it as a bad thing. The reality is we cannot survive without cholesterol. There are a number of myths when it comes to cholesterol. Myth: LDL cholesterol is bad. Truth: LDL cholesterol isn’t all bad.  We need a balance of HDL and LDL for optimal health. The smaller the LDL particle size the more dangerous it is. So it is important to know the type of LDL that you have. The most important thing to know about LDL cholesterol is that it is more easily damaged. This is the critical issue when it comes to blood pressure and plaque build-up. Myth: If I have high cholesterol, taking a statin will prolong ...
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