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Eating Disorder Pro Podcast: Snacks You And Your Body Will Love

  On this week’s episode I shared some of my favorite snack recipes! These snacks are easy to make, they’re made with clean ingredients, and they’re all delicious! If you missed it, you can tune in HERE. What We Covered 1:50-One Of The Most Important Issues For People With Eating Disorders 2:50-Visit for all of the recipes discussed today 3:43-Types of Snacks 5:20-Protein Bars 6:25-Protein Bar Ingredients 9:27-How To Make Protein Bars 11:30- 195 Cal, 19 Grams of Fat, 35 Grams of Carbs, 22 Grams of Protien, 5 Grams of Fiber 12:35- Gluten Free Brownie 12:48- Ingredients In Brownies 13:30- Importance of Dark Chocolate 15:35- How To Make Brownies 20:18- Fudge 20:50- Ingredients in Fudge 21:28- How To Make Fudge ...

Salted Coconuts

Ingredients 6 oz Macadamia nuts 6 oz. Walnuts 6 oz. Brazil nuts Coconut Oil Seasonings of your choice Directions: In the microwave warm ¼ cup coconut oil Add: Himalayan Pink Salt Garlic powder (or your favorite spices) Put into a Mason jar and add the nuts. Shake it up until nuts are well coated. Dump onto paper towels and salt nuts if more salt is needed. Put back into jar and refrigerate. Eat cold. You can also use Norbu or coconut sugar in the coconut oil to make a sweet version. I still put in a little bit of salt.
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