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clean eating mayonnaise

Clean Eating Recipe: Mayonnaise

As I mentioned on Tuesday night’s podcast, the mayonnaise on grocery store shelves are filled with food additives and unhealthy fats. As a result, I always make my own mayonnaise. I’ve received several requests for my recipe, so here it is! Enjoy! Homemade Mayonnaise 2 egg yolks (How to Choose Healthy Eggs) 2/3 c macadamia oil (Why I use this oil) 1/4 white vinegar sea salt, to taste garlic salt, to taste 1 tsp coconut palm sugar (Why I use coconut palm sugar) 1 tsp lemon juice Mix egg yolks in food processor. Blending slowly, slowly stream in macadamia oil, add vinegar, lemon juice, coconut crystals, spices. Refrigerate. Serves 20. Nutrition: 70 cal, 8 g fat, 0 g protein, 0 ...
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