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Dr. Maria Rago

Eating Disorder Pro Podcast: How Eating Disorders are Changing with Maria Rago

Join us on TUESDAY July 23 at 7 pm EST as we talk with Dr. Maria Rago, Executive Vice President of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANAD) and clinical director and founder of Rago and Associates Counseling Services. We’ll be taking your questions LIVE at 646-378-0494. You can tune in HERE. “Dr. Maria Rago is a licensed clinical psychologist for the last 20 years working as a specialist in eating disorders.  She was clinical director of the Eating Disorders Program at Linden Oaks hospital at Edwards in Naperville IL for over 10 years, helping to make the program a national leader, including the creation of the innovative Arabella House, a residential group home for eating disorders treatment.  Dr. Rago is also the founder of Rago & Associates Counseling Services, specializing ...
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