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In a Nutshell: What You Need to Know About Cholesterol Problems

When we think of cholesterol, we often think of it as a bad thing. The reality is we cannot survive without cholesterol. There are a number of myths when it comes to cholesterol. Myth: LDL cholesterol is bad. Truth: LDL cholesterol isn’t all bad.  We need a balance of HDL and LDL for optimal health. The smaller the LDL particle size the more dangerous it is. So it is important to know the type of LDL that you have. The most important thing to know about LDL cholesterol is that it is more easily damaged. This is the critical issue when it comes to blood pressure and plaque build-up. Myth: If I have high cholesterol, taking a statin will prolong ...
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Fats Explained: Saturated and Unsaturated Fats

Whether you suffer from Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating, Obesity, emotional eating, or have problems with weight management due to restricting or overeating, you need to know about what fats do in your body once and for all. In other words whether you are obese, underweight or a normal weight, if you are having problems regulating food intake in healthy ways, this series on fat is a must. For decades, we have been told that saturated fats were unhealthy, and that they were the root cause of the epidemics of heart disease, obesity and high cholesterol in our society. What we know today is that saturated fats are not the problem. It is the polluted and/or processed version of saturated fats ...

Show Notes – Dr. Bruce Fife, The Coconut Oil Miracle

In this weeks episode we talked with Dr. Bruce Fife, author of The Coconut Oil Miracle. We had a great talk about the health benefits of coconut oil! Listen to internet radio with Eating Disorder Pro on Blog Talk Radio In this episode we covered: 5:25 – Coconut oil contains a lot of saturated fat. Isn’t saturated fat unhealthy? 7:45 – Won’t increasing the amount of fat in my diet cause weight gain? 8:10  – What are the advantages of coconut oil? 11:10 – How can coconut oil cause weight gain in underweight individuals and weight loss in overweight individuals? 12:40 – How does coconut oil help in the treatment of malnutrition? 14:55 – Why does coconut oil have a positive ...
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The Skinny on Fat [Show Notes]

In this weeks episode we talked about dietary fat. Is a low-fat diet really as healthy as we are led to believe? Are all fats bad? What types of fats should we avoid? What types of fats are the healthiest? Listen to internet radio with Eating Disorder Pro on Blog Talk Radio In this episode we covered: 0:00 – Introduction 3:40 – Saturated Fat: Coconut Oil 5:28 – What are Saturated Fatty Acids? 5:45 – What are Unsaturated Fatty Acids? 6:05 – Is Saturated Fat Unhealthy? 6:45 – Short-chain, Medium-chain, Long-chain, and Very long-chain Fatty Acids 7:40 – Caller Question – What is healthier butter or margarine? 12:40 – Short-chain, Medium-chain, Long-chain, and Very long-chain Fatty Acids 17:54 – Sources of ...

Why is Coconut Oil Good For You?

We have been brain-washed into believing that saturated fat is bad for us.  I have always had trouble with this idea because both of my sets of grandparents were dairy farmers whose diets were heavy in delicious saturated fats.  None of them had a weight problem, nor did any of their 15 children.  Indeed, my maternal grandmother never weighed more than 90 pounds soaking wet, even after a dozen or so children! She and my mother loved buttermilk (yuck), put heavy cream in everything, and slathered toast with homemade butter.  I can still remember the mouthwatering poached our eggs mom made by poaching them in butter and milk.Speaking of the milk that we drank growing up, it had to have ...
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