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US Wellness Meats - John Wood

The Eating Disorder Pro Podcast – The Benefits of Grass-fed Meat and Dairy

Join us on Tuesday June 25  at 7:00 pm EST,  as we talk with John Wood, the founder of US Wellness Meats. We’re excited to talk with him about The Benefits of Grassfed Meat and Dairy. We’ll be taking your questions LIVE at 646-378-0494. You can tune in HERE. “John Wood is a life-long resident of Lewis County Missouri.  Following a Farm Operations B.S. degree at Iowa State University in 1975, John returned back to a 5th generation family farm and was involved in day to day management of conventional Northeast Missouri family farm from 1975 to 2000. John married in 1983 and added two daughters and a son into the rural community. All have prospered on a stubborn work ethic that has preserved the rural way of life for ...
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