Bulimarexia Treatment Cincinnati

BULIMAREXIA – An eating disorder that has the characteristics of both Anorexia and Bulimia. The person affected by this disorder will cycle between the restricting habits that are associated with Anorexia and the bingeing and purging characteristics of Bulimia. This eating disorder is very dangerous and is physically and emotionally damaging.

After reviewing the data from Dr. Norton’s online survey we found that Bulimarexia had the largest population of those who took the survey.

  • 38% identified themselves as having Bulimarexia
  • 25% identified themselves as having Anorexia
  • 12.5% identified themselves as having Bulimia
  • 10.8% identified themselves as Emotional Eaters
  • 13.3% identified themselves as Obese

Why Bulimarexia Is So Dangerous

1. The fact that it is not a recognized diagnosis yet so many people suffer from it causes a serious problem for the therapist/physician and creates a serious gap in treatment.

2. The cycle of binging and restricting is very dangerous and can cause many serious health problems such as decreased bone density, loss of menses (difficulty conceiving), tooth decay and kidney damage just to name a few.

3. Bulimarexia often goes undetected or thought of as “just a phase”. For example a parent might notice their child’s decreased food intake and some weight loss but just as they start to take notice of this the child cycle’s into the binging component of this disorder. The parent is relieved to see their child eating again and their previous concerns are dismissed.

If you are in the Cincinnati area and are seeking treatment for your eating disorder, whether it be anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder or bulimarexia, there is help! You can set up a consultation with me by calling 513.205.6543.

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