benefits of household chores

3 Good Reasons to Assign Household Chores for Children:

1. It can help create healthy habits. On average children age 8 – 18 spend 3 hours a day either watching t.v., playing video games or on the computer. The responsibility of a household chore would get them away from the t.v. and up and moving. Vacuuming, mopping, mowing the lawn and gardening are all good ways to increase your heart rate. Children need at least 90 minutes of moderate to strenuous physical activity a day, chores are a great way to get your child moving.

2. It can help reduce stress and family tension. A messy, cluttered house can cause a lot of tension and resentment within a family. Often parents just complain or yell at their children for not helping. This can create feelings of failure and anger for both the parent and the child. A sedentary lifestyle combined with feelings of shame, failure and anger can lead into emotional eating habits.

3. Allows parents more time to spend with their children. Why should parents spend their evenings and weekends doing all the housework? When the kids pitch in the work could be done in half the time. This time could be used to go for a family bike ride, walk or maybe even a game of chase or hide and seek. Remember ” a family that plays together stays together”.

The prevelance of childhood obesity in the United States is increasing at an alarming rate. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the percentage of overweight children 2-5 years of age has doubled, with one in four pre-schooler’s being overweight or at risk for obesity. Fifty percent of these children will become obese adults. For more information about this study you can visit the CDC’s website at HERE.

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