Sweeteners, No Good News Here!

NutraSweet and Equal are two popular sweeteners on the market today. Both are made primarily of Aspartame. Aspartame is another very dangerous substance that you and your loved ones should think twice before consuming. It is comprised of three ingredients: It is 40% aspartic acid, which is an excitotoxin that stimulates the neurons of the brain to death, causing brain damage according to Dr. Russell Blaylock; It is 10% methyl ester, which eventually breaks down to formaldehyde and formic acid; (You remember Formaldehyde, that horrible smelling stuff from the biology lab that is used to preserve dead bodies?) The remaining 50% is phenylalanine, which by itself, is a neurotoxin that lowers the seizure threshold, thereby increasing the likelihood of brain seizures. Phenylalanine also depletes serotonin levels, which triggers severe psychiatric and behavioral problems. The break down of these chemicals into increasingly toxic substances is hastened with exposure to heat. Do the sniff test if you don’t believe it. Let a can of diet soda get warm and smell it. It smells like Formaldehyde!

Wonder what happens when you put NutraSweet or Equal into your steaming hot coffee? How come you don’t taste the Formaldehyde? Probably because these sweeteners also have Maltodextrine, also known as MSG, or some other form of MSG, in them, which makes everything taste good. Splenda, while it doesn’t have Aspartame, does have Maltodextrine as an ingredient. The main ingredient of Splenda, however, is Sucralose, kin to DDT, the extremely nasty insecticide. So don’t go there either!

Guess what happens when you put Aspartame and an MSG excitotoxin together? They potentiate, or excite each other in such a way that they are even more toxic than if you added their individual toxic effects together. This is a good thing to know about excitotoxins because their manufacturers often cop to the fact that they are present in very small quantities in our food supply. This actually isn’t true, but even if it were, what they fail to point out is that there are usually several different versions of them in the same product. In addition, they are in 90 to 95% of all processed foods, including many organic and “all natural” foods, such that avoiding them is virtually impossible. The upshot is that we ingest a lot of these excitotoxins, even when we are trying not to do so. So there may not be a lot of MSG per ingredient, but there are a lot of ingredients that are actually MSG masquerading as something as innocent as “citric acid.” When you add them all together……it’s not good!

In an article entitled: Still drinking diet soda? Don’t be a fashion victim!

BYTom Philpott

10 FEB 2011 1:51 PM

Mr. Philpott reports:

“In findings involving 2,564 people in the large, multi-ethnic Northern Manhattan Study (NOMAS), scientists said people who drank diet soda every day had a 61 percent higher risk of vascular events than those who reported no soda drinking.”

What do they mean by “vascular events”? They mean strokes. Sixty-one percent? That’s a lot!

(Follow this link for the article; //www.grist.org/article/2011-02-10-still-drinking-diet-soda-dont-be-a-fashion-victim-pepsi-strokes )

According Dr. Russell Blaylock the heart is also in jeopardy:

“ recent research has shown that the brain is not the only tissue having glutamate receptors. Numerous glutamate receptors have been found within the heart’s electrical conduction system, as well as heart muscle. When an excess of food-borne excitotoxins, such as MSG, hydrolyzed protein, soy protein isolate and concentrate, natural flavoring, sodium caseinate and aspartate from aspartame, are consumed, these glutamate receptors are over stimulated, producing cardiac arrhythmias.”

He goes on to report:

“High consumption of aspartame adds an additional cardiac muscle toxin, methanol. A number of studies have shown that consuming aspartame and MSG (and similar excitotoxins) together greatly magnifies the toxicity!”

So, strokes and heart attacks? What next?

Remember the Gulf War Syndrome? And all the poor kids that came back with their brains scrambled? Remember the methyl ester in Aspartame that eventually breaks down to formaldehyde in diet soft drinks? Guess what our troops are drinking? Diet pop! Lots of it, because trying to protect your country in the Persian Gulf is a thirsty business. It’s hot over there! But the pop they were drinking sat on pallets in 120-degree temperatures for weeks! Oh, and of course, the drinks were also in plastic bottles known for their propensity to off-gas as well when they got hot! They were basically drinking Formaldehyde, Brain Eating, Heart Attacking, Brain Stroking, but oh so refreshing soft drinks! This gives collateral damage a whole new meaning!

Do you know where your diet soft drink has been or how hot it has gotten? Do you know what’s in it? Maybe you should. Actually, you should stop drinking it and find something with low amounts of natural sweeteners to quench your thirst.

For a link on food additives broken down into levels of toxicity go here:


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