Following Feng Shui in Your Kitchen Helps You Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle

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For many families, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s the place we gather together to receive nourishment, to share the events of the day and to celebrate. Creating an environment that is bright, clean, and cheerful influences the energy of the food as you prepare it and eat it. A healthy lifestyle begins in the kitchen. Therefore, maintaining this space is essential to you and your family’s wellness.

The best colors for the kitchen are those that support your health and nutrition. Use yellow to symbolize sunshine, green for healing, blue to calm and white or cream for a clean palette. Terracotta and rich browns will ground the space. Use dark or bright colors such as red, orange and black as accents.

A sunny kitchen filled with flora encourages happy and healthy energy to permeate the space. You can place plants in the room’s corners, on top of the refrigerator, and between the stove and sink to add harmony and healing to the eating area. Microwaves are not recommended. They emit electromagnetic fields and kill the nutrients in many foods. If you own one, place a plant near it to counteract some of these harmful effects.

The kitchen should have an abundance of natural sunlight and fresh air. A garden window will provide more light and space for plants. Also, in general mirrors are advantageous when placed in the kitchen. They increase the light, open up the room and double the fortunate energy of the food and stove. Mirrors will expand and multiply all joyous occasions that take place in the kitchen.

The sink and the refrigerator are the water elements in the kitchen. As is true in the bathroom, you should keep the sink drains closed or covered with stoppers when not in use. Make sure the countertops are clean and cleared of color including spices, appliances, bills, containers and condiments. These impede calm cooking conditions.

An orderly kitchen promotes successful, enjoyable cooking. Knowing the exact location of each ingredient and kitchen accessory is a pleasure. Cleaning out the pantry is a great way to begin. Discard expired and unused foods and vitamins, old pots and pans, broken appliances, and tarnished utensils. Definitely get rid of those warped, lidless plastic containers! By splurging for new ones, you can avoid a lot of frustration.

Also, to relax the kitchen energy, clear your refrigerator of photos, magnets, greeting cards, invitations, and flyers. A chaotic looking refrigerator causes excessive stimulation and a feeling of being overwhelmed. Feel free to hang a couple of colorful magnets or cards with inspiring quotes, but keep it simple. As for the inside, clean it often. Like the pantry, you should throw out spoiled goods and organize your food in colorful bowls and plastic ware; keep fruit and vegetables in clear glass containers so the natural color shines through. The refrigerator should emanate fresh, healthy energy and be filled with nourishing food.

Finally, do not place the garbage can in a prominent corner of the kitchen. Instead, hide it inside the pantry or under the sink. Make sure it has a lid to contain the dirty energy. Take the garbage out as often as possible. In addition, cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, and chemicals should be kept in a cabinet, not in view.

Here is a Feng Shui color chart to explain the feelings and atmospheres different color’s can create:

Red……..……..Pink …..….. Orange….Green….. …. Yellow

Passion Love Enthusiasm Harmony Optimism
Courage Sweetness Joy Beginnings Focus
Power Uplift Exuberance Prosperity Communication
Wealth Happiness Interaction Nature Sunshine
Motivation Tenderness Fun Growth Inspiration
Fame Enticement Captivation Healing Fidelity


Gold…..….. Blue…. Violet……Brown… Black………..White

Wealth Imagination Intuition Solidity Strength Purity
Wisdom Calm Devotion Warmth Elegance Innocence
Luxury Serenity Respect Practicality Protection Faith
Abundance Relaxation Peace Diligence Sophistication Benevolence
Sparkle Compassion Spirituality Reliability Intelligence Honesty
Influence Ocean Awareness Patience Shrewdness Grace

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