How is the Weight Loss Industry So Successful When Dieting is Not?!

Dieting without exercise fails 95 percent of the time, yet the U.S. weight loss industry is a 130 billion dollar per year industry. So a lot of people are using weight loss products. How can a group of products fail so spectacularly but sell so well? Perhaps one reason is the Consumer Trade Commission (CTC) does not regulate the false claims that advertisers of weight loss products make.

According to the CTC, there are at least one false claim in 74 percent of the ads in tabloid publications. The report went on to say that many of the ads that were identified as making false claims also appeared in mainstream media publications such as Family Circle, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Day, McCalls’s, and Redbook.

The danger of false claims is that they give the mistaken impression that weight loss is easy, which adds to the frustration and hopelessness of overweight individuals, causing many of them to give up and/or go to the extremes that lead to other disorders. The CTC says that it does not regulate this industry because there are too many ads to regulate. Seriously?

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