News You Can Use – Feb 12-19 2012

“As an Eating Disorder Professional, I know that many of my clients that are in treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia, Bulimarexia, Binge Eating Disorder or Obesity are overwhelmed by all the information in the news about our health. In hopes of relieving some of the stress this can inflict on both my patients and readers, I’ve highlighted some of the weekly health news that was of particular interest to all of us at The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity. From my eating disorder treatment center in Cincinnati, here is your news update for the week of February 12-19 2012!”

Yes, There’s Arsenic in Your Rice. But is that Bad?

Can a Clean Diet Clean Out Toxins in the Body?

Artificial Hamburger Meat Successfully Grown in Vat of Bovine Fetal Cells

NutraSweet Company Brags about the Second Coming of Aspartame: Neotame Now Taking Over World Markets

Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids May Be Harmful to Your Health

Faulty Fat Sensor Implicated in Obesity and Liver Disease
How 1-Minute Intervals Can Improve Your Health
How did Arsenic Get into Organic Baby Formula?
Why Writing Trumps Positive Thinking Alone for Goal-Setting

Processed vs. Whole Food: A Stomach’s Perspective [Video]

Is Your Child Being Teased About His Weight?

Were there any news articles that you saw this week that really grabbed your attention? Leave a comment with a link. If the article helped you, it will likely help some of my other readers!

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