Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution

“For the past 10 years, I have noticed a connection between childhood obesity, eating disorders, and the increasing complications of both in my clinical work as well as in my research. As part of my mission to shed light on these problems, particularly as they relate to US children, I find it important to provide both by readers and clients with relevant informative articles.”

In my radio interview “The Weight of Childhood Obesity” on the Underground Wellness show, I had the privilege of speaking to Sean Croxton’s listeners about my new children’s book ‘How Maji Gets Mongo Off the Couch!’. One of the callers to the radioshow asking for information on how to improve the quality of food served in their local schools. I recently discovered an program founded by Jamie Oliver, that is doing just that!

“More must be done to invest in an all-round food education for our kids; one that includes learning about where food comes from and how it’s grown as well as the hands-on experience of cooking in the classroom. I strongly believe that teaching our kids these life skills gives them the best start in life, for their own health, the health of their kids and their kids’ kids. And if our kids are also getting a tasty, nutritious meal at lunchtime, their prospects are even better. It’s been proven time and time again during the last five years that a healthy school meal improves a child’s ability to learn and do well at school. We can’t ignore that; we must continue to feed our children better, even better. We must invest in our kids; they are the future and they deserve it.”
-Jamie Oliver

Food Revolution was started by Jamie Oliver upon receiving thousands of letters from Americans that were worried about the quality of food their kids were being served at school and the risks associated with these foods; including obesity, diabetes, behavioral problems, and poor school grades. The mission of Food Revolution is to replace processed and junk food with freshly cooked meals that are made from fresh, locally sourced ingredients, cooked from scratch by properly trained cooks in well-equipped kitchens. Oliver points out the importance of not blaming the school cooks for the quality of food served in our schools. Budget restrictions limits the foods and kitchen tools they have access to, they are doing the best job they can do with the resources they’ve been provided.

In Jamie Oliver’s TED Talk, he discussed how Food Revolution improved food quality in a school in Huntington, West Virginia; at the time West Virginia was the unhealthiest state in America. He became an ambassador to the school cooks, helping them find local sustainable foods and arming them with additional training in the kitchen. He also worked with the children in the school, providing them with food education; currently the average American elementary school child only receives an average of 3.4 hours of food education per year….that’s less than most kids watch TV each day!

The Food Revolution website offers support, and many useful tools for parents and teachers that want to start a Food Revolution in their child’s school. Be sure to visit the website at www. jamiesfoodrevolution.com to take advantage of the support and tools they provide.

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