Coconut Oil and Dementia

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It is predicted that by the year 2050 that 15,000,000 Americans will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. Is there anything we can do to protect ourselves from this diagnosis? I recently read an article by Dr. Mary Newport called “What If There Was a Cure for Alzheimers and No One Knew?” that gives some hope!

In 2003, Dr. Newport’s 53-year-old husband was diagnosed with progressive dementia. By 2008, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease after an MRI showed shrunken areas within his brain. Her husband began to experience periods when the effects of the disease were extreme, but would also experience days when the effects were more tolerable.

Dr. Newport began looking for medical research studies for her husband to participate in. There were two in particular that she was interested in; one involved a vaccination, the other involved medication. She researched the medication used in the study and found that the “promising” ingredient in the medication was medium-chain triglyceride oil. She had her husband supplement with coconut oil on a daily basis. Before starting the coconut oil, she asked her husband to draw a clock. She had him complete the same task after 14 days of coconut oil supplementation and after 37 days of coconut oil supplementation. These were the resulting illustrations:

Coconut Oil and Dementia

After 60 days of supplementing with coconut oil, changes in her husband were pretty significant. He is able to happily walk into the kitchen each morning, engage in conversation and tell jokes. His tremor was became barely noticeable, his concentration and focus had improved greatly. On a trip to visit family, her husband’s interaction with relatives had changed significantly in comparison to their visit the year before. He recognized people by name, his facial expressions were more animated, he was more involved in conversations, he understood jokes immediately, he was able to speak in sentences. Due to atrophy is his brain he will never be completely “normal”, but the improvements that have been made since starting supplementation with coconut oil have been amazing. Her husband currently takes 7 teaspoons of coconut oil twice per day.

Why does coconut oil have this effect on individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease? When we ingest coconut oil, the liver converts it into ketone bodies instead of storing it as fat. These ketone bodies are then available to be used by the brain for energy when glucose is not available. Typically, we do not have ketone bodies available for energy unless we have been starving for days or are eating a very low carbohydrate diet. Neurons in some areas in the brain of those with Alzheimer’s Disease are unable to use glucose for energy because of insulin resistance. These neurons eventually end up dying off even before symptoms of the disease appear. When these neurons have ketone bodies available for energy they may be able to stay alive and function.

Alzheimer’s Disease is now being referred to by some as Type III Diabetes. A study completed by Dr. Suzanne de la Monte of Rhode Island Hospital found that diabetes is associated with several neuronal factors that are associated with dementia. Alzheimer’s Disease progresses when insulin resistance develops within the brain. When this occurs lipid metabolism is prevented, resulting in a build up of lipids in the brain. This build-up results in an increase in inflammation as well as the appearance of dementia symptoms. When an individual with Alzheimer’s Disease supplements with coconut oil, inflammation begins to decrease, the brain can better absorb cholesterol. This results in improved neural function.

For more information about coconut oil and dementia, be sure to readthe award-winning book “Stop Alzheimer’s Now! How to Prevent and Reverse Dementia, Parkinson’s, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Other Neurodegenerative Disorders” by Dr. Bruce Fife

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