Show Notes: The Slender Trap – Lauren Lazar Stern

In this weeks episode we talked with Lauren Lazar Stern, author of The Slender Trap. We had a great talk about the use of art therapy in the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, obesity, and binge eating disorder (BED).

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In this episode we covered:

7:00 – About Lauren Lazar Stern
8:10 – How Lauren Lazar Stern got started in the field of treating eating disorders
11:44 – What is “The Slender Trap”?
20:12 – What does an art therapy session for an individual with an eating disorder typically involve?
22:00 – Some patients tell me that they have had a negative experience with art therapy in residential treatment. Why would this be?
26:38 – What is more powerful, individual art therapy or group art therapy?
28:40 – What is the Expressive Arts Method?
30:33 – Caller Question – Is art therapy effective for obese patients? Do you have to be artistic to benefit from art therapy?
32:00 – Is art therapy something that patients just practive in their therapy sessions? Or do they practice it between sessions?
37:33 – When working with an individual with an eating disorder, do you consider yourself to be doing tradition therapy that integrates art therapy, or is art therapy the primary mode of treatment?
46:06 – Are there any negative aspects of art therapy?
53:45 – What is EMDR?

Links We Discussed

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APA Presentation – The Food Pollution/Addiction Model for Treating Eating Disorders and Obesity: A Systems Approach
The Benefits of Coconut Palm Sugar [infographic]
Lauren Lazar Stern’s Official Website
The Slender Trap by Lauren Lazar Stern
The Healing Memory Project

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