News You Can Use-Week of December 15th-21st

News You Can Use

“As an Eating Disorder Professional, I know that many of my clients that are in treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia, Bulimarexia, Binge Eating Disorder or Obesity are overwhelmed by all the information in the news about our health. In hopes of relieving some of the stress this can inflict on both my patients and readers, I’ve highlighted some of the weekly health news that was of particular interest to all of us at The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity. From my eating disorder and obesity treatment center in Cincinnati, here is your weekly news update for the week of December 15th-21st!”

New Victims of Anorexia: Elementary Age Girls and 40 Somethings

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia are on the rise, and doctors who treat them here in Connecticut are seeing a dangerous trend. LEARN MORE

Selenium in broccoli and garlic boosts immune system, could help fight cancer

Most Natural News readers know that broccoli is a good cancer preventative. Not everyone knows that garlic is another good food to help stave off cancer cell reproduction. The compound or trace mineral selenium was isolated as the main cancer fighter, according to the latest research from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. LEARN MORE

Poor diet links obese mothers, stunted children

Obesity and malnutrition are often thought of as problems at opposite ends of the nutrition spectrum, but the study found that 6.7% of Egyptian mothers were obese and had stunted children. In these ‘double-burden’ households with obese mothers and stunted children, malnutrition is unlikely to be down to scarcity of food. LEARN MORE

Count chemicals, not calories

If you just can’t seem to lose weight, maybe even just those last 10 to 15 pounds you want to “shed,” perhaps it’s because your body is being “informed” with incorrect information about whether it’s hungry and whether it’s getting the proper nutrition. Maybe mixed signals are being sent in, over and over, so that your system doesn’t even know HOW to fix itself. Have you hit a “brick wall” with weight loss programs and systems? Start over right here. LEARN MORE

Were there any news articles that you saw this week that really grabbed your attention? Leave a comment with a link. If the article helped you, it will likely help some of my other readers!

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Dr. J. Renae Norton is a clinical psychologist, specializing in the outpatient treatment of obesity and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, and binge eating disorder (BED) and the Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio.