Melt in Your Mouth High Protein Low Fat Fudge

Melt over very low heat:

2 4oz packages of SunSpire organic baking bar 100% unsweetened cacao

16 ounces of Nutiva coconut manna or Artisana Raw coconut butter

1 ½ cups XYLITOL sugar

1 cup shredded coconut – medium shred

1 cup shelled hemp seed Florettes

When well blended pour into silicone cupcake holders and freeze. Pop out of holders and store in freezer or refrigerator.

Alternatively, grease glass pan, pour in mixture and refrigerate until solid enough to cut into bars.

Must be kept cold until eaten.

The fat in this fudge is metabolized as almost pure energy as it is primarily a medium chain fat, which does not store as a fat but is used by the liver. So this fudge will give you a kick of energy and no guilt!