News You Can Use Week of May 4th-10th

“As an Eating Disorder Professional, I know that many of my clients that are in treatment for Anorexia, Bulimia, Bulimarexia, Binge Eating Disorder or Obesity are overwhelmed by all the information in the news about our health. In hopes of relieving some of the stress this can inflict on both my patients and readers, I’ve highlighted some of the weekly health news that was of particular interest to all of us at The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity. From my eating disorder and obesity treatment center in Cincinnati, here is your weekly news update for the week of May 4th-10th.

NEWS: Tyson Chickens, Soon with (Almost) No Antibiotics

Tyson, one of the largest suppliers of chicken products to consumers and restaurants, has announced that it is phasing out the use of human antibiotics. By 2017, all its birds will be free of human antibiotics (but not other animal antibiotics). LEARN MORE

NEWS: Chipotle Goes 100% Non-GMO

Starting this week, Chipotle is serving only non-GMO food in all 1700 of its locations. The Mexican fast food chain has been a trailblazer when it comes to ethical sourcing of its meat ingredients, and ran a memorable Food with Integrity campaign a few years ago.  Earlier this year, Chipotle stopped serving pork in some locations after it discovered one of its suppliers were not up to standard. LEARN MORE

NEWS: Learning to Decline the Call to Sugar

There are some issues that can remain a struggle well into recovery. Though I have been clean from drugs and alcohol for nearly 17 years, staying off the sugar – or at least trying to consume it in reasonable amounts – is an ongoing challenge. Sugar abuse, misuse, and addiction are common; recent research suggests that one reason we crave sugar is because it provides stress relief. LEARN MORE

NEWS: Don’t Let Your Genetics or Your Past Hold You Hostage

Genetics plays an important role in the development of eating styles in children.  If you have the genetic predisposition to obesity, as a child you may have had a bigger appetite than your friends or family members.  You may also have engaged in eating when not hungry or had difficulty recognizing when you were full.  These genetic traits would have made it more difficult for you, even in childhood, to maintain a healthy weight despite your desire to do so.  The genetic predisposition to obesity is also made worse by the easy availability of poor quality foods that promote obesity (foods high in calories but low in nutrients) (Carnell 2008).  The interplay between genetics and the environmental causes of obesity are a vicious cycle. LEARN MORE

NEWS: Panera Bread Plans to Drop a Long List of Ingredients

Acesulfame K. Ethoxyquin. Artificial smoke flavor.

The first, an artificial sweetener; the second, a preservative; and the third, a flavor enhancer, are just a few of the ingredients that Panera Bread wants to banish from its kitchens by the end of 2016. LEARN MORE

NEWS: Fructose May Increase Cravings for High-Calorie Foods

The type of sugar you eat may affect your cravings for high-calorie foods, researchers report. LEARN MORE

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Dr. J. Renae Norton is a clinical psychologist, specializing in the outpatient treatment of obesity and eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, and binge eating disorder (BED) and the Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is the Director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio.