Give the Gift of Health This Holiday!

From the Camdons

Here we are in the midst of the holiday season. Inevitably we all have to buy gifts for people that are difficult to shop for. They either have everything, or they are uncommunicative about what they would like.

Let me challenge you to give this person the gift of health this holiday. I have rounded up a few, select items that I think are fabulous gifts. After all, nothing says “I love you,” more than a gift that is meant to extend the time that you have with a person on this earth. It’s like saying, “I love having you in my life so much, I want to make your life even longer.”


VitaMix Blender


I know you are never supposed to give an appliance for a gift, but for us health nuts/foodies, a VitaMix is the ultimate luxury.

Can you think of a better gift than this VitaMix? Seriously.  I couldn’t live without mine. It makes my smoothie every morning and it will make my soup at night after a hard days work in a matter of minutes, and it comes with a recipe book! Available in a multitude of finishes (although I have a whole red theme going on in my kitchen.) The one thing I consistently hear in my practice, for patients who are exploring making smoothies, is that it is really difficult to replicate the texture of a smoothie that you get from a juice bar or health food store. I totally disagree. With a VitaMix you can!  It really comes down to the equipment.  When you really think about it, it’s ridiculous to spend $10.00 on a smoothie every day (That’s what a good smoothie costs these days.)  That’s a $300 a month smoothie habit!  I guarantee you, this is one of the best kitchen appliances and personal health appliances in my house. If you love her/him splurge on this one.

VitaMix Blender, C Series, 5200 ($449-499). Other models starting at $259 up to $799.


Crock Pot


Again, another kitchen appliance I couldn’t live without.  And frankly, the bigger, the better.  It makes my bone broth and/or some of the best meat dishes I have ever tasted. I usually throw a roast into the bone broth just before it is done. It doesn’t matter how tough a cut, it melts in your mouth. If you throw in some chicken breasts, when you take them out after 4 or 5 hours, they shred. Throw on some homemade barbeque sauce and oh my goodness it tastes just like pulled pork! My one piece of advice when looking for a crock pot is to make sure yours has a timer element. Otherwise, if you are away at work or out of the house, it won’t automatically turn off and switch to the warm setting.

Crock Pot Programmable Cook and Carry ($49.00) on Amazon.

Food Saver


I got him a food saver.

Another must have for the health nut. For example, after you brew your bones for 3 or 4 days for your bone broth, you DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. You keep using them until they disintegrate, you just add new ones each time so that you get the marrow too.  So of course, you have to shrink-wrap them to refreeze them. Enter the food saver. So quick and easy to use!

It is also a must for the healthy person on the go. I encourage my patients to get into the habit of cooking sometime over the weekend or on one of their days off and freezing enough for several meals. No excuse then for not having something quick to eat. Just take it out in the morning and heat it up when you get home. The food saver makes it so much easier. You can also freeze fish, poultry and red meat in a marinade and use your food savor to freeze individual portions. Then when you thaw it out, it is ready to go.  So you save time making all the marinade at once and in terms of prepping it the evening you want to have it.  Click here for the marinade recipe.

Food Saver V3835 (179.99) at (By the way, they were running a pretty hefty sale with all kinds of discounts and bonus parts when I looked at the website. )


Near Infrared Sauna


Can you imagine how much you really love someone when you give them a gift like this? You are saying, “your health is so important, I want you around for forever. Here’s a way to do that.”


This is probably one of the most important health appliances in my arsenal. It is one of the reasons that I was able to change my leaky gut to a squeaky clean gut. For my patients wishing to lose weight, it has definitely made a difference. And finally, it is a great way to detox heavy metals. I have a very small one that I ordered from Wendy Meyers and I love it.

Complete Near Infared Pocket Sauna, ($1100.45) at The store is giving a 10% discount if you purchase all the elements of the Near Infared Pocket Sauna in a bundle. ( I got mine for $250.)


Intelligent Nutrients Near Infrared Hair Dryer


I love Intelligent Nutrients. I’ve tweeted my praises of their stem cell plant renewal complex, but I want to introduce you all to their amazing Near Infared Hair Dryer. This awesome blow dryer kills germs and microbes and does a fantastic job on your hair at the same time. Infrared heat infuses cuticle while protecting outer cuticle, decreasing dry time. The anti-microbial violet technology helps cleanse and deodorize while smoothing, increasing shine and manageability. It’s just a great blow dryer.

Intelligent Nutrients Near Infared Hair Dryer, ($200) Intelligent Nutrients (Again, I saw holiday promotional discounts when working on this, so you could probably save yourself a chunk of change and add some shampoo and styling products and commit to removing one more toxin from your life.)


UVB Lamp



Another very critical tool if you have cholesterol or vitamin D issues is the UVB lamp. We stop getting the right kind of sun for increasing Cholesterol Sulfate here in Cincinnati in November and must use an alternate source for several months. So from now until March, this is my primary source of UVB sunlight.

In case you do not know how important this is, the UVB rays create Cholesterol sulfate when they are absorbed by the body (which is the mother of all hormones.) The by- product of the cholesterol sulfate is vitamin D3, which is critical for the immune system. Most Americans are deficient in Vitamin D3. The UVB lamp allowed me to take my vitamin D3 from 21 to 53 in 3 months. This is far and away the best way to get your vitamin D3, as the supplements cannot compare. That said, it you have low vitamin D3, and cannot get sun, then supplement, but use the highest quality you can find and include vitamin K with it.  Even better is get yourself  to a sunny place, with a beach.  But if you cannot, get a lamp>

UV Skinlight B2R, ($236.00) from

The Four Agreements Book



This is a book of inspirational advice that I have found very helpful personally and that I have used with my patients, most of whom, have also found it to be life-changing. The author is Don Miguel Ruiz. It is hard to describe the work, except to say that he seems to touch everyone with his unique way of teaching us to:

  • Be impeccable with our words
  • Make no assumptions
  • Never personalize anything
  • Always do our best

The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz.  ($6.65) on


Again, give the gift of health to someone you love this year. Long after the paper has been torn off, and other gifts have disappeared to the back of the closet, I guarantee you these gifts will still be playing a role in your loved one’s health (or your own) on a daily basis.

-Dr. Norton