CoVid19 Virus

There are a Few Things You Probably
Do Not Know About CoVid19 Virus

Dr. J. Renae Norton

First we have to understand that the COVID 19 virus can live on surfaces for up to 5 days, which is why it is so important to spray everything down, to wash your hands frequently, and to avoid public places whenever possible. I use the hand wipes at the store to grab everything and then spray everything down when I get it home and before I put it away. For the fruits and vegetables, I use a lemon cut in half, which I squeeze onto them. This is a great way to disinfect them without using any chemicals.

Next we have to understand that if we come into contact with someone who has the virus but isn’t showing symptoms, we could still contract it. So cut way back on outings; grocery store and gas station only. If you have never been a big online shopper, now may be the time to take advantage of shopping online. Just remember that when your packages arrive, to use gloves to grab the boxes (the virus likes porous serfaces) and spray the contents before handling them and putting them away.

Thirdly, we have to understand that it is highly unlikely that we will know who has it and who does not because we are not testing the general population and only a small percentage of the potentially sick population. The solution is to test everyone, and to quarantine those who have it. To do that, we would need significantly more tests than we presently have and places to put the sick people to keep them separate from other sick people. In other words, quarantine facilities. In China that is what they did and that is how they finally stopped the disease from spreading. In Italy, not so much.

There is one town in the US building a facility for housing the infected right now. EVERY TOWN IN THE US NEEDS TO BE DOING THIS! Although we do not have control over this, we can contact our state and local representatives and let them know that we want them to be more proactive when it comes to protecting us. I call both my representatives every day and remind them how critical this is to me, and the people I love. Please join me and do the same. Our voices need to be heard.

You should also know that there are several conditions that may make you more likely to contract the virus as well as more likely to die from it. These are people with:

§  Vascular Disease
§  Diabetes
§  Chronic kidney disease
§  Cancer
§  Obesity

The elderly, who often have one or more of these conditions, are more at risk for that reason. Unfortunately, the US has some of the highest rates in the world for several of these conditions. For example, we are the most obese country in the world with the most obese children.

I have been writing for years about the fact that the US is one of the wealthiest unhealthiest countries in the world because our food supply is polluted with obesogens, neurotoxins, addictants, and carcinogens.  I am concerned that this puts our citizens even more at risk than those in other countries for contracting the COVID-19 virus.

Having said that, knowledge is power.  If you are diabetic, for example, being extra careful about your glucose levels has never been more important than it is right now, because this virus seems to like high glucose levels according to many researchers.  So keep those blood sugar levels in in check. This applies to type 1 and type 2 diabetes. The best way to keep your blood sugar levels in check is to pass on the sweets and focus on the fruits, vegetables, and the 100% grass-fed protein.

Likewise, if you are obese, losing just 5% of your body weight could make a difference in offering you more protection.  Most importantly, if you are eating the conventional American diet with all of the pollutants mentioned above, now would be a good time to ditch that junk and focus on clean foods and supplements.

There is a Chinese symbol Wei Chi, which means “Opportunity in crisis.” Maybe this is a time to change some of the things that you have been meaning to tackle, but just haven’t found the motivation to take on until the stakes were high.  The stakes are high and I believe the time is right to take care of your body and your spirit.

If you’d like help dealing with any of these conditions, or if you are having anxiety during this health crisis, please contact me and I can help you address the issue quickly and effectively.  My patients get results and so can you!

Call or text 513-205-6543 today.  Don’t wait!

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