Eventful Weekend

Made it through another weekend! My hot water heater went out Friday night. Navigating the process of figuring out whether it was really dead or just broken while still maintaining social distancing was a challenge. My handyman is also a plumber which definitely made it a little easier except that he doesn’t have a truck. Turns out the hot water heater was dead. May it rest in peace. So that meant we also had to find someone with a truck which we were able to do. In addition to which it turns out that I had a nest of squirrels, apparently for years, in one of the vents in the furnace room.There were three live squirrels that we finally got out and two dead squirrels. Eww!

Since I was only communicating by phone, I wasn’t much help! Before my crew arrived I explained to them that they had to have masks, that they needed to keep on the entire time they were here, and gloves. I also expected them to disinfect any and everything that they touched while they were in the basement in the furnace room. They were here for five hours most of that time was spent chasing squirrels. We finally got them all out and also figured out how they were getting in after years of dealing with this problem. They were coming down the chimney. The reason I missed it is that I paid a company to redo my chimney, part of which was to put a critter block at the top of the chimney. Since I paid them a small fortune it never occurred to me that the chimney would be the problem.

It turns out they didn’t do a very good job. There was a huge gap that a possum could probably have gotten through. I guess I should feel lucky that I didn’t have more visitors.😷 

At the end of the day I am happy to say we fixed the problem with the chimney, got rid of all of the rodents that were living with me, and installed a new hot water heater that should last another 10 years 🙂

 I believe we did all of that without risking each other‘s health. They did have to go to Home Depot but  I called in advance, paid in advance and asked that the hot water The bright outside when they arrived so they did not have to go in. And Home Depot is willing to do that!

I did a lot of cooking over the weekend. Tune in tomorrow and I’ll share some recipes with you. Meanwhile be well

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