Learning about ourselves in crisis

I’m learning a lot of good things about myself in this crisis, that I had either lost sight of, ignored or perhaps never even knew. OK I know I sound like the quintessential Pollyanna, always trying to come up with a positive spin for every situation… I know how irritating that can be, but I just can’t help it. There actually are some positive things coming out of this terrible catastrophic situation and right now, a little positive spin goes a long way, because this is depressing overall.

So while I am aware that I am consciously actively working on staying positive that’s not really what I have been noticing. What I am noticing is that a lot of things actually are working better. Don’t misunderstand me, I hate this isolation and not being with my family and not doing my own grocery shopping, not driving my car to speak of, or seeing all of my friends at the coffee shop that I have been going to every single day that they are open for the past 5 years. And before that it was another coffee shop, and before that another coffee shop. I’ve done all my writing in coffee shops laboring under the firm belief that I could not work at home. I am work at home challenged! Or at least I thought I was… Turns out I can work at home 🙂 do I like working at home all by myself with no people around me, no! I do not. But can I do it, apparently I can.

And then there’s the whole working out at home. I have belonged to a gym for over 50 years. I wouldn’t call myself a gym rat, at least I don’t think of myself that way. But I did firmly believe that the only way I could stay healthy and fit was if I had a gym membership. In the last three weeks since I have been working out at home, I’ve noticed that I’m getting a better work out, and that it is making me more fit! I have to admit, that I am astonished! I am using the stairs in my house for the cardio, and I have little stations on each floor for abs, glutts, (how the hell do you spell glutes) biceps, triceps and core. And I’ll be darned if it isn’t actually working better. Apparently riding that stationary bike and using all of that fancy equipment was not really doing me much good. Whereas walking up and down the steps is clearly is improving my breathing capacity and I assume my cardiovascular health. I’m sweating more, breathing better and not damaging my bad knee, which is what I do consistently on the leg equipment. I was scheduled to have knee surgery this week. Currently I don’t think I need knee surgery, my knee is so much better than it was before. (It’s also because I’m doing keto.)

Another thing I have noticed, is that this was the sweetest, most relaxed, least expensive Easter I have had in as long as I can remember. Was it horrible not being with my children and grandchildren? It was pretty sad. But they went to great links to loop me in, they videoed the two legged races, and the Easter egg hunt where my two-year-old granddaughter could not have cared less about looking for those eggs 🙂 She was here last year at my house for the Easter egg hunt and she did exactly the same thing. This time it was hilariously adorable! Last time it was disappointing given all the time and energy I had put into it.

I was really struck by how differently I felt about the exact same set of circumstances. I could also hear the disappointment in my son and daughter-in-law’s voices as they kept encouraging the baby to find the eggs when all she wanted to do was ride the tractor and go down to the pond. LOL

 I could really relate.  I realized that I always go to such great lengths to make them happy and make them feel loved and it’s obviously just not necessary. They are happy, they know how much I love them, and they are so loving towards me. Why do I kill myself making such a fuss over the meal and buying such expensive organic candy when it’s really not about that. It’s about us, and the connection we have to each other, and the love we feel for each other. My Personal Assistant said the same thing, that this was the most relaxed Easter she could remember ever having. 

I wonder if any of you are noticing these sorts of things? If you are share them with us. I’d love to hear from you. I hope you are finding the beauty and the opportunity in this challenge. If I haven’t mentioned it before let me mention it now. There is a Chinese symbol ( the irony is not lost on me ) called Wei Chi. It means opportunity in crisis. I think that’s what’s happening right now. This is a crisis. But it is also an opportunity. We just have to be able to see those opportunities and capitalize on them. If we are too focused on the crisis we may miss the opportunities.

Eat clean, rest well and connect to the people that you love or the people that love you, or both, but connect.

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