Delicious Smoothie Loaded with Vitamin C

Vitamin C Smoothie

We get our best vitamin C supplements from far away, Australia and the Amazon to be exact. We haven’t talked a lot about smoothies but here’s one that I’m doing on keto that was delicious and simply loaded with vitamin C. 

2 cups of strawberries and raspberries
1 tbsp of Kakadu Plum  powder
1 tbsp of Camu Camu powder
1/4 tsp of turmeric
13 oz of native forest coconut milk
2 cups frozen spinach
Water as needed
Green leaf Stevia to taste

I have probably mentioned before that the best sources of vitamin C, hands-down, are Kakadu plum, from Australia and Camu Camu from the Amazon.  I never ever buy vitamin C from a manufacturer in the United States because it’s almost all made out of corn and all too often, GMO corn. Since supplement manufacturers don’t have to share information about their products there’s really no way to figure out whether or not it’s genetically engineered. So I just steer clear of it. But  Camu Camu and Kakadu Plum are both amazing. If you’d like more information about the health benefits of Camu Camu or Kakadu Plum Visit my website and check out the upcoming newsletter about these two powerful immune system supporters.

Here are some images of the products used:

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