The Best Vitamin C

In our newsletter this week we talked about the importance of vitamin C. 

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In this blog I want to give you some ideas about how to source the best vitamin C. The best vitamin C comes from Kakadu Plum from Australia or Camu Camu from the Amazon Rainforest.

Unfortunately in the US it’s impossible to tell whether the vitamin C is actually good for us or not since so much of it is made from corn and so much of the corn has been genetically engineered and doused in glyphosate.

I have found that the only way to get real Kakadu Plum  is to order it from a company in Australia. You can order it in powder form, which I highly recommend, or liquid form. 

For the liquid form the company is AUSTSUPERFOODS.COM

Kakadu Plum Vitamin C

For the powdered version go to This One is distributed by JunBesi Group, Inc.

Kakadu Plum Vitamin C

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