Change can be a good thing!

Hot Tea

I was devastated!  How was I going to work out? How was I going to get any research or writing done on my books? Who would make my tea? How could I start my day seeing patients without this respite that was such an important part of my morning , my life? It is literally what motivated me to get up every morning…

My morning routine of working out from 5:30 to 6:30 and being the first person to arrive at the coffee shop so I could get the table that I loved, “my table” which  I was convinced was the reason I got so much done every morning before I started seeing patients was hardwired into my psyche.  It was more than just my regular routine, it defined me. It oriented me for the day. I live alone, so this is where I interacted with all of my coffee shop buddies.  It was my equivalent of Cheers where everybody knows your name. LOL 

How could I live without all that?

Turns out just fine.

For example in order to get my cardio in, I have to run up and down two flights of steps. That doesn’t sound too tricky, does it? You’d be amazed how hard it is to run up and down flights of steps. This is why I hated the stairmaster! What I have done to make sure that I’m not losing muscle is set up little stations on the steps. 

I work out for a total of a half an hour, which is less time than I spent before, but I feel as if I am getting a better workout somehow.  For starters going up and down those stairs definitely gets my heart rate up, much faster than I would’ve thought.  I start to sweat in the first five minutes.  Strangely, it doesn’t seem to be damaging my bad knee like my former gym workouts , especially the leg press machine would kill that knee. 

I was supposed to be having knee surgery last week, but my knee is so much better I think I’m just going to postpone that indefinitely.

At each level I have a piece of exercise equipment. On one level I have my dumbbells, so I sit on the bottom two steps and do curls or I stand bent over with my hand on one of the steps and I do extensions to work my triceps.

Orange Dumbells Resistance Band

On the top floor I do my sit ups, my pelvic thrusts, my leg extensions and my plank to workout my core.  Moli is demonstrating how I sit on this rug, LOL


At another station I have bands which I use to do squats for my glutes, wall lateral pulldown’s for my lats, tricep extensions, and something called a shoulder external extension for my shoulders and back and a fire hydrant for my glutes and hamstrings. 

Resistance Bands
shoulder external rotation

At the bottom of the basement steps I do my push-ups using pulse training (push until you can’t rest until you can.) I  usually get about 100 push-ups in that way in a 5 minute period. 

When I am done I do stretching. I stretch each muscle group for adding another five minutes bringing the grand total of my work out each morning to 35 minutes.

I have been getting such good results with this routine that I’m seriously considering not re-joining the gym when all this is over. Go figure!

I really do miss my friends at Redtree coffee shop and I will probably resume going there each morning to do my research and writing. But I have discovered that I actually can work from home and get quite a bit done. Admittedly I do keep taking breaks and organizing drawers and cupboards and throwing in some gardening that I never thought I’d get to. So if I’m being honest I’m not getting quite as much work done as I did when I spent the entire day or the entire morning at Redtree Coffee Shop and Art Gallery. But I am staying active, I don’t think the house has ever been this organized, and the research and writing will always be there, right?

The moral of the story? Change can be a good thing! It’s easy to fall into rigid habits. It’s difficult to change those habits. It’s important to be able to, not just because we don’t have an option but also because it opens up new opportunities.

Eat clean, rest well and reach out to a friend.

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