Friday, April 22, 2020

This Is going to be a short post… Not to complain, but I’ve been working all freaking day on a new PowerPoint.   My eyes are falling out of their sockets, my butt hurts and my knees are stiff.  

It’s 3:14 in the afternoon and I forgot to thaw anything  out for dinner. Don’t know if you remember or if I’ve ever shared this, but I try to be done eating dinner by 5 o’clock every night. That’s not going to happen .

I was going to clean the house today.  That’s not going to happen either! How can one tidy woman and one tiny dog get a house dirty in under a week?  I straighten as I go, the bed is always made,  the dishes are done the counters are clean, but it’s dusty, and the floors are dirty especially in the basement ( it did rain a lot this week.) 

Moli is constantly shedding chunks of black furry hair which just gets all over everything. These little chunks of hair end up looking like bugs. You would think I could remember that they aren’t bugs but every time I see one it makes me kind of jump or cringe until I realize It’s just a wadded up piece of her fur sticking to her blanket or my rugs or her bed. It doesn’t even come out when I wash the bedspread or her blanket, in fact it’s more stuck on. How does that happen?

Here is a picture of my adorable little creature. She’s worth the trouble. She is my best friend, my little girl.  


But she can also be a pain in the butt; very stubborn, has an anxiety disorder, and has decided that in this strange time it’s her job to protect me and our house which means that she barks  at everybody who walks up and down the street and right now everybody is walking up and down the street!

I took out a halibut fillet, but it won’t be thawed out in time to be done eating by five.  I’ll have to flex up and eat a little bit later. Lol 

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

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