All Natural Pesticide & Weed Killer

All Natural Pesticide

To all of you people who are not using all natural pesticide and weed killer to spray your yards, please stop! It is completely and utterly unnecessary to spread these chemicals on your lawn!

Some of these chemicals  are responsible for epidemic levels of obesity,  cancer and autoimmune disorders.

Jeffry Smith who heads up the Institute For Responsible Technology has many articles on Glyphosate. Click here to read more.

In the meantime, here’s the solution: Dust your lawn with Diatomaceous Earth. It does not harm the bees at all, but it kills all the other bugs including mosquitoes, which are dangerous because they carry Lyme disease. 

It’s harmless to you and your animals in fact you can eat it.  

In fact, I do eat it 🙂 It turns out there is food grade diatomaceous earth.  It’s great for clearing your gut of bad bacteria.  In other words it is really good at getting rid of bugs no matter where they are LOL.  

You can also use it instead of a flea collar for your dog just put a small amount on his back and rub it into his skin and feet. Just be careful not to let him breathe it as it’s very fine. It’s not a dangerous chemical but breathing it in in large quantities is not good for the lungs.  

Diatomaceous earth is also a natural pesticide for getting rid of bedbugs. View documentation HERE. I had a patient that had bedbugs.  She spent thousands of dollars with companies who supposedly did pest control. No matter what they did she still had the bedbugs. I told her about the diatomaceous earth, and she was finally able to rid her home of bed bugs. How much did it cost?  About $20.

Get some Diatomaceous Earth for yourself and see the benefits.

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