Tricks for Peeling Hard Boiled Eggs


If anyone would like to share their secret for peeling hard boiled eggs, I would love to know. I have some theories and I’m willing to share them of course, but I really think it depends on the egg! I’ve tried using old eggs and new eggs, and sometimes the older the better, other times, not so much. 

Some say, peeling hard boiled eggs right away while they are still boiling hot is best, and I’ve also heard that it’s important to wait till they get cold. Regarding the latter, that absolutely does not work. As far as I’m concerned once they’re cold, you’re toast.

I have tested a couple of different theories for peeling hard boiled eggs and here’s what I’ve come up with:

    1.   You can put the eggs in the water once the water has come to a boil

    2.    If you want them hard boiled cook them 13 minutes from the time you put them in the pan.

    3.    As soon as they’re done put the pan in the sink leaving them in the hot water.  

    4.    Take them out (carefully – I Use a slotted spoon.)

    5.    Crack them on the side of the sink and try to find the spot where the egg is indented because that creates a little space to get below the skin under the shell. There’s a very thin layer of skin right under the shell of the egg and if you can get underneath that, the entire shell comes off much easier.

I’m showing you three eggs two of them had the indentation while one of them did not. But all three eggs peeled pretty easily.


This one peeled very easily 🙂


Peeling hard boiled eggs is all about getting started the right way. If you find that sweet spot that formed as an air pocket and you can get your fingers underneath the really thin film of skin beneath the shell, you can usually peel the whole egg in a few seconds. You can tell you have found that sweet spot because when you crack the egg against the sink that spot will indent and you can feel the difference. Otherwise, it takes forever and you’re picking one tiny piece of shell at a time. Good luck and bon appétit!

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