Peony Sachet

Peony Sachet
Peony Sachet

The peony’s on the bushes are all gone! I cannot bear to part with the glorious smell so I am going to try drying the petals. To the best of my knowledge the trick is getting them to dry out completely so they don’t rot. To do that I layered parchment paper with paper towels and then the peony petals more paper towels, more petals and so on until I ran out of petals. At that point you need something very heavy to press them into the paper towels so as to blot out any moisture. The instructions called for bricks, but I didn’t have any bricks so I used books and canned milk, LOL. If it works the objective is to end up with dried petals that you can keep in sachets. I will keep you posted!

The drying period can last anywhere from a week to three or four weeks. This is day two 🙂

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