Knee Replacement – One Day Out

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I just received the knee brace to wear as I recover and I will get the walker the day of surgery from the surgical staff. 

Going up and down steps is a nightmare on a walker.  So, I am going to move into my basement where there is a kitchen area along with a full bath and a very cozy room that is normally the waiting room for my Psychology practice. I will have to sleep on the couch, but it appears to be very comfortable and it is extra big.  

I already had a TV moved down there and set up with Roku, yay! I have figured out how to work on my laptop by rigging up a table on top of a chair with big arms. 

There’s a refrigerator right off the basement in the garage.  I have a small broiler oven that I’ll move downstairs. I also moved a microwave into the kitchen area. I still need to get a hot plate and a bed rest pillow which will make it easier to sit up in bed.  I will need to move some additional food to the basement refrigerator, more than I normally keep down there. 

I am planning on preparing in advance a few quiches, some really good homemade soup, and of course my normal smoothies that are loaded with collagen.

I am trying to prepare for this psychologically. I live by myself so I will need to rely upon family and friends at least for the first three or four days. It is very difficult for me to ask anyone for help under almost any circumstance. But I have resigned myself to the fact that I won’t be able to do this completely on my own.

My biggest concern is my dog, Moli, as I do not think I can walk her and be on a walker at the same time. Fortunately, I have incredible help in my personal assistant Alli. She has graciously volunteered to take Moli home with her for two nights. My daughter-in-law or my son will stay the first night after the surgery and then Moli’s babysitter will move in with us for 4 nights.

My son and grandchildren will also take turns visiting and walking Moli during the first week. My best friend Larry has also volunteered. I’m sure if I asked my brother and my sister they would be willing to help but my brother lives in Cleveland and my sister is up to her eyeballs in sheep and goats getting them ready for the fair.

Though I don’t like asking for help, I am extremely grateful for the circle of support I have to help me through this!

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