Knee Replacement Surgery – Day Three After Surgery


So, day three after surgery was not as easy as days one and two. Primarily because I had a splitting headache. This is apparently a common phenomenon post surgically. The swelling in the body causes pressure on the nerve endings which can result in a headache, at least that  is my understanding.

Despite the headache however, I was able to get around very easily as the pain in my leg was significantly reduced and my mobility has continued to improve.

I am able to achieve a 90° angle with the new knee and I have a fair amount of strength in my right foot. I decided to test this out at 4:30 a.m. this morning. I went out into the garage which is attached to the basement where I am staying currently and tested out the theory that I could indeed depress the gas and brake pedal. No problem!

I guess that means I can drive when I’m ready.  I’m going to wait until I’m off of all of the pain medication.  I only have one left and that is the gabapentin and I have already begun to wean off of it. I am also in the process of weaning off of the Cymbalta which my doctor had me begin a couple of weeks before the surgery. The sooner I can get off all the medications the happier I will be. I’m very happy that I did take my doctors recommendations and use the medications. But I’m also very happy to be rid of them.

I had another breakthrough in that I was able to take Moli out. She cooperated by not jumping on my knee and also by going potty, LOL! And I was able to manage getting her out and back in without incident.

I also saw patients today (thank goodness for tele-therapy) which was wonderful! I really missed not having patients even though it was only for a few days, and it was awesome to connect with my patients and posed no difficulties whatsoever.

Now, that’s what I call progress!!

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