Assertiveness Training

Assertiveness training is based on the principle that we all have a right to express our thoughts, feelings, and needs to others, as long as we do so in a respectful way. When we don’t feel like we can express ourselves openly, we may become depressed, anxious, or angry, and our sense of self-worth may suffer.  This dynamic is a set-up for a specific eating disorder or for disordered eating.

So often, those suffering from EDs do not feel entitled to get their needs met. Irrespective of the cause of this point of view, assertiveness training can make a significant difference. The purpose of assertiveness training is to teach appropriate strategies for identifying and acting on the desires, needs, and opinions we all have while remaining respectful of others. This form of training is tailored to the needs of specific participants and the situations they find particularly challenging when it comes to managing the ED.

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