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Knee Replacement Surgery – Day Three After Surgery


So, day three after surgery was not as easy as days one and two. Primarily because I had a splitting headache. This is apparently a common phenomenon post surgically. The swelling in the body causes pressure on the nerve endings which can result in a headache, at least that  is my understanding.

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Knee Replacement – Surgery Day

Dr. Norton's Knee Replacement Surgery

The day of the surgery my Personal Assistant Alli picked me up at 5:30. We made it to the surgery center on time. I filled out a few more forms and met the physician’s assistant that would be working with the surgeon, Dr Swank.  She asked a few more questions, and the anesthesiologist came in and he asked a few questions, and then they asked me to put on the gown and take off my clothes. I had already asked if I could wear my own panties and bra. I was not able to wear my own panties, because they said you can have accidents during surgery… Yuck! So, I wore this really cute little diaper thingy. But they did let me wear my bra as it has no metal or fasteners, it’s like a skimpy sports bra only pretty. 

I had asked about a nerve block as a patient of mine who is an anesthesiologist told me to insist on one. As it turns out, my doctor does nerve blocks and the anesthesiologist assured me that I would be getting a complete nerve block. It’s supposed to make recovery much easier.

After I was properly dressed, they came back in and started an IV and to be honest I don’t remember much after that at all. The next thing I remember is being at home in the basement. I vaguely remember changing into my pajamas while Alli waited outside the door and that’s it!  🙂 I woke up hours later and my daughter-in-law Brandi texted to say she was on her way. I felt pretty good at that point, but I really couldn’t remember much if anything of the surgery. 

I used the walker when I first got home and found it to be a bit awkward. I decided to try walking without it before Brandy arrived and discovered that I was able to walk quite well without it. Brandi says when she got there I was running around, LOL!  I wouldn’t call it running around but I was doing well without the walker.

We had a nice dinner, she fixed leftover lamb leg roast that I had made the day before and Mediterranean mixed vegetables. We caught up and talked for a couple of hours. She went upstairs to study for her boards and I got some Bing cherries and watched TV for a little while, still feeling pretty good! I got a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling well rested. Little bit more pain than the day before as the nerve block had worn off completely but it was nothing I couldn’t handle.

The physical therapist arrived at 10 and she was ecstatic about how well I was doing. She called me a superstar and she asked me if I was a dancer, LOL!  So, the physical therapy session went very well. I was able to do all the exercises and according to the physical therapist was doing them at a rate that one might expect weeks after surgery. In fact, it went so well that she said I could probably go up and down steps. We tried it and she was correct I could! She also thought that I could probably drive as I already had enough strength in my right foot and enough range of motion in my leg. Not planning on doing that just yet though.  

I opted not to take the oxycodone except for the night of the surgery. I took one that night but haven’t taken any more of them.  I have a good friend that had a double knee replacement who ended up getting addicted to oxycodone after his surgery. It took him almost 2 years to overcome the addiction. I just think it’s a dangerous medication. I do have a couple of medications that are anti-inflammatories and also pain relievers. And they seem to be effective in keeping the pain manageable.

Here are some images of my area I set up in the basement and of my knee

I’ll keep you posted on how things are going!

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I have a Magnolia grandiflora tree that I thought I killed a couple of years ago. It was, for all intents and purposes, dead and I was just getting ready to remove the stump when I realized there was a little bit of growth. Well it is back! It’s at least 20 feet tall again, if not taller and it is producing blooms for the first time in its life.

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Accept the Moment

accept the moment

I just realized something for the first time. I suffer from the U.S. version of Stoicism.  What’s that?  It is a distorted version of the original intent. Stoicism was founded by Zeno of Citium, in Athens, in the early 3rd century BC as :

“A philosophy of personal ethics. According to its teachings, as social beings, the path to salvation for humans is found in accepting the moment as it is…”

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Positive Effects of Shelter In Place

Positive Effects of Shelter In Place

I wasn’t able to blog yesterday because I got involved in a yard project. I wanted to expand my patio by a few feet so that I could move the table and chairs into a corner and make more room for a glider for Moli and I to sit on during  these gorgeous spring afternoons and evenings. It was tricky because I didn’t have any two by fours and it involved building up the side of the patio in order to level it out and accommodate a chair.

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Friday, April 22, 2020

This Is going to be a short post… Not to complain, but I’ve been working all freaking day on a new PowerPoint.   My eyes are falling out of their sockets, my butt hurts and my knees are stiff.  

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Eventful Weekend

Made it through another weekend! My hot water heater went out Friday night. Navigating the process of figuring out whether it was really dead or just broken while still maintaining social distancing was a challenge. My handyman is also a plumber which definitely made it a little easier except that he doesn’t have a truck. Turns out the hot water heater was dead. May it rest in peace. So that meant we also had to find someone with a truck which we were able to do. In addition to which it turns out that I had a nest of squirrels, apparently for years, in one of the vents in the furnace room.There were three live squirrels that we finally got out and two dead squirrels. Eww!

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