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Knee Replacement Recovery – Two Weeks

Dr. Norton's Knee Replacement Recovery - Two Weeks Post Surgery

I am two weeks out today! Strangely, the first week was the easiest week and week two was much more difficult. The biggest issue this past week was that I couldn’t sleep. I was simply in too much pain.  It appears that the more active you are the less stiffness you have. At night we tend to be much less active, ergo more stiffness.  Stiffness and pain are not the same thing but it’s easy to get them confused, LOL. Especially at night when you simply cannot get comfortable no matter what position you are in.

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Knee Replacement Surgery – PART TWO


Knee replacement surgery is a huge undertaking.  I have already had an MRI, an x-ay of the knee and an ECG.  I am about eleven days out from the surgery and I just had the prescriptions filled. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t take any medication. Zero. Not even aspirin. For this procedure there are seven medications!

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Knee Replacement Coming Up

Dr. Norton's Knee Replacement

I am going to have a total knee replacement in 2 weeks! 

For the uninitiated, this is a big deal.  I have already spent a considerable amount of time in preparation. I also spent years debating whether or not to even have it done.  If I’m being honest, it injures my pride…. but then, so does walking with a limp, LOL.

I injured my knee as a teenager.  I started dancing ballet when I was three and by the time I was 10 I was in pointe shoes.  These days I don’t think they put children that young in pointe shoes. That’s a good thing. I did pointe along with jazz, tap and ballroom until I graduated high school.

I stopped dancing for many years partly because of the injury to my knee but also because life just got in the way. I began dancing again as an adult about 20 years ago.  I danced salsa, which is my first love, merengue, bachata, and cha cha, in other words all the Latin ballroom dances.  I also did a bit of tango, waltz and foxtrot.

I still love to dance! But about four years ago I had to face the hard fact that I could no longer do it without causing myself too much pain. It was at that point that I began to seriously consider knee replacement. I had done the research and found an excellent surgeon and I believe that taking this step, no pun intended, will allow me to regain the use of my leg and possibly even allow me to dance again… Wouldn’t that be lovely?

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What I Have Learned So far While Sheltering In Place

Here is what I have learned so far while Sheltering in Place:  

  • My new exercise routine, the one where I walk up and down 3 flights of stairs for half and hour (ok, 20 minutes) and have little stations set up on each floor for abs, arms, and core, might be a better workout than the one I was doing at the gym.  It is significantly more difficult. Who Knew?
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