Clean Eating = Big Changes

Clean Eating Changes Everything

Clean food and clean supplements have saved my life and the lives of many of my patients.

What do I mean when I say “Clean” food?  I mean 100% grass-fed beef, pastured/organic poultry, wild-caught low-mercury sustainably caught fish, Non-GMO organic produce, and organic processed foods with no carcinogens, addictants, allergens, or inflammatory ingredients.  

Since I started eating clean and supplementing I have eliminated the following symptoms or conditions: dementia, dry eye syndrome, Hypothyroidism, high cholesterol, high blood sugars/insulin, knee and joint pain (cancelled knee replacement for now) and sleep disturbances.  I have also radically improved my hair, skin and teeth.  Many of my patients have gotten similar results. 

From diabetes to MS, from anorexia to obesity, clean eating works to bring about recovery in ways that will surprise you.  It is a bit more expensive to eat clean food and to use well-researched supplements, but it is a lot less expensive than the medications and surgeries or procedures needed to treat conditions caused by polluted foods. And it has the added advantage of actually working.

Clean eating also dramatically changes the quality of your life.  How can we put a value on that?  

For example.  I am sheltering at home like everyone else in late April of 2020.  I haven’t done yard work in years because I believed that I wasn’t able to do it anymore. The last time I tried, which was about 10 years ago I simply couldn’t manage it without causing excruciating pain. Couldn’t bend over, couldn’t stoop down, couldn’t carry anything heavy……. And if I pushed  through it and did it anyway I would injure myself. It was miserable.  I was 60-ish at the time.

So, for the past 10 years I have been forced to hire people to do all of my yard work since I couldn’t do it myself. Or so I thought!

In the spring of 2020, with COVID 19, I am sheltering in place like everyone else. Since I am not allowing anyone to come to the house, and my yard was getting out of control, I decided to give it a shot again myself.  You cannot imagine how thrilled I was to discover that the things I could not do ten years ago were pretty easy now. The only explanation is that I have applied what I have learned about clean foods and clean supplements to my own health and it is working! (Ok, I work out, but I always worked out.  It just wasn’t helping in terms of building muscle or giving me the strength, flexibility or stamina I needed to tackle the yard.)

Well that is apparently all behind me now! I just dug up 20 or so bushes and perennials and transplanted them and although I was a little bit sore the next day, it was not a big deal.  I got so excited that I decided to re-pave part of my patio this week so that I would have room for another piece of patio furniture.

 This involved hauling dirt from one side of the yard to the other, removing pavers, building up the ground using odds and ends from the shed (heavy odds and ends.)  Since I could not go to Home Depot and buy what I needed I had to be creative.  I got the ground built up then put the pavers back on top of the newly built up ground. I gave myself an extra 2 feet so there is plenty of room for the chair.  

Ten years ago I simply couldn’t have done it. I remember how painful it was to admit that I had to give up gardening and yard work.  It was a big deal….The point is that I owe the new-found strength to clean eating and clean supplements.

If you have lost the ability to do the things you love give me a call. I believe I can help. Most of my patients have gotten similar and sometimes even better results. What have you got to lose?

Dr. Renae Norton
513 205 6543

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