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Another reason that residential treatment fails is that the quality of the food in residential treatment centers is abysmal.  Dr. Norton interviewed 15 residential treatment centers about their philosophy on the role of clean food in recovery.  Not one treatment center recognized or factored in the role that food additives which are obesogenic, addictive, carcinogenic, allergenic, or autogenic might be having on their patient’s recovery rates.  

The primary concern was keeping costs down. Given the extraordinarily high cost of residential treatment, this rationale is hard to justify.  But justify it they do by promoting the idea that the patient should be able to “eat all things in moderation.”

“I do not believe that eating all things in moderation works, especially when so many of our foods contain addictant’s that are designed to make it impossible to eat the food in moderation. Many individuals suffering from Anorexia are addicted to sugar because they avoid fats and grains and because they need the energy boost that sugar gives them.  But this is a slippery slope, as the sugar in the U.S. today is extraordinarily addicting and damaging to the parts of the brain that regulate eating behavior. What often ends up happening when the refeeding relies on these highly palatable foods for weight restoration, is that the patient ends up with food addictions that drive overeating…..a terrifying experience for someone with Anorexia.  At this point, purging may seem like the only option and a new ED is born .”

When it comes to treating eating disorders Dr. Norton’s approach works where others fail because she can document the role that polluted and addicting foods play in eating disorders, especially Anorexia, Bulimia, Bulimarexia and obesity.  Dr. Norton’s patients learn to trust food again as a result of eating clean food.  Clean eating means no more bloat, no food babies, no food cravings, no food allergies or uncontrollable weight gain.  Clean food is like medicine.  But besides being nutritious, it is also absolutely delicious!

Clean food heals, polluted food hurts.  And clean food, the way it was intended to be, is so much more satisfying, without being addicting.  In it’s natural state, there is nothing more delicious than real food; food without the insecticides, pesticides and GMO’s that are making us ill in the United States.  We currently have the distinction of being the wealthiest unhealthiest country in the world. We are also number 1 for obesity….in the world and we have the lowest infant survival rates. Finally, life expectancy is declining in the US, which is unheard of in other wealthy nations where it continues to rise.  But other nations do not allow their citizen’s foods to be doused in Glyphosate which is an obesogen, carcinogen, allergen and autogen. 

Please note that patients must be medically stable prior to entry into our intensive outpatient treatment program.  Some may require temporary hospitalization for medical stabilization prior to being enrolled.

Does someone you love suffer from an eating disorder?

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